Exercise on Advanced Theming - Drupal Training Curriculum for Drupal Companies

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Exercise on Advanced Theming

Areas covered

  • Theming
  • Views templating

Create a Drupal 7 instance
Install and activate https://www.drupal.org/project/bootstrap_business theme.

Primary menu should contain: Home, Blog, News, Gallery, About Us and Contact Us.
Each user can create blog posts. Blog posts will be listed in blogs page.
On News page, it will list all content from the site with pagination.
On Home page, it will show the content that are specifically promoted to front page.
Create a content type named 'gallery_item' with fields title, image, category, tags and five star rating and featured checkbox
On Gallery page, it will list all images as thumbnails with title.
On clicking on thumbnail of any image a popup colorbox will appear showing image in bigger size.
On clicking the title of an image in Gallery page. It will show the full size image in a separate page with rating, tags and category.
On gallery page there will a block showing most rated images in smaller thumbnails.
About Us is a static page give basic detail about the website.
Using Contact Us page visitor can contact site owners/administrators.
On home page, just below to the primary menu, there require a slideshow showing all images that have featured checkbox checked.
Just below the slider a three column box with latest blog posts should be listed with the title of blog, first 100 characters of the content, author name and date.
Create these roles:
* administrators
* authenticated users
* gallery administrators

Assign theses permissions:
* Only administrators can create and edit pages and articles.
* authenticated users can create and edit their own blog posts only
* Only gallery administrators can add and change gallery images.