Drupal Cafe #12

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2016-05-28 10:00 - 15:30 Asia/Omsk
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User group meeting

Here comes the Drupal Cafe #12: the regular meet-up for the both beginner and advanced Drupal developers. That time Drupal Cafe will be split into 2 tracks: 1. beginners; 2. advanved developers.
Moreover, the participants will have the possibility to win 1-year free-of-charge Wodby subscription.

Mutual lection
Chingis Sandanov. Wodby - infrastructure that allows to manage all of the servers.

Beginner track
Artyom Chugainov, ColdBrain; Valery Tkachyova, ADCI Solutions. Coordinating design and front-end.
Anton Shubkin, ADCI Solutions. Drush.
Maxim Serebrennikov, Anton Yessaulenko, ADCI Solutions. Drupal 8 and its way out-of-the-box to RESTful.
Sergey Susikov, ColdBrain. Deploy with no worries.

Advanced track
Sergey Susikov, ColdBrain. Headless Drupal.
Alexander Kuznetsov, CEO ADCI Solutions. DrupalCon New Orleans 2016.
Marina Paych. Omsk Drupal-community.

If you are in Omsk at the moment, don’t waste your time and register here to participate im Drupal Cafe Omsk #12 https://drupal-omsk.timepad.ru/event/325370/


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