Speaking Opportunity: Web Services in Drupal 8

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Hi Folks,

My name is Adam Shepherd, and I organize the Science On Drupal group. Every summer, we host a few Drupal sessions at an annual conference organized by the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) - a collective of informatics practitioners working for NASA, NOAA, and NSF funded missions and projects.

Every year, we host someone local to the conference locale to come and present on a topic for which we provide compensation for their time. This year we are hoping to find someone in the TriDUG area to give a 20-40 minute talk on Web Services/REST in Drupal 8. The talk scheduled for July 20 @ 4:00pm at the Durham Convention Center as part of the session entitled Exploring New Opportunities for Data Access at Scale with Drupal 8 and ElasticSearch. If anyone is interested in giving this talk or would like more detail, please contact me here or via email at ashepherd (at) whoi (dot) edu.

We are looking forward to visiting Durham!

Best Regards,

Adam Shepherd
Science On Drupal