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Born out of the "Paragraphs" BoF at DrupalCon New Orleans 2016, this group is for for those who want to discuss ways to build structured content within Drupal. Structured content has many names within the developer community and has associated terminology in the design world: Web components, content components, blocks, slices, atomic design, patterns, etc, etc.

While the Paragraphs module is the motivation for the creation of this group, other methods for creating structured content are welcome such as Field Collections, Entity Reference Fields with Inline Entity Form, CKEditor templates, Body field tokens, etc, etc. In the end, this group is about sharing our experiences and asking questions in order to build the best Drupal websites possible.

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Image Gallery Container

Hello friends

I'm recently using drupal. I have a consultation and I hope they can help me
I have created photo galleries and they are all grouped into a kind of galleries container.
How can I create a new gallery container?
For example, I need to have several galleries in a container called 2016 and other galleries in a container called 2017.
I only have one galleries container by default.

Thanks for the support.


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Enforcing layout rules with Paragraphs

One of the great things about Paragraphs is that you aren't restricted to a specific ordering of content components. But that's also its downside, sometimes there is a very good reason to require that specific content components (Paragraph bundles) are on a page and that they occur in a specific sequence.

One solution to this appears to be Paragraphs Profiles module ( Judging by the description on the project page, this seems like just tool I need. Has anybody used this module?

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Drupal and structured content

Drupal is already well prepared for structured content.

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Strict warning


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Using CKEditor plugins to represent server-side content elements

Paragraphs and slices make a lot of sense, but the authoring experience can get a bit clunky. One possibility it to use CKEditor plugins to be the user interface to server-side elements.

An example, from CyberCourse. There's a content type called Pseudent Pose (stands for pseudo-student). Pseudent Pose nodes have a title, description, images, and taxonomy terms. See pose.png below.

Authors insert them in content with a button in the toolbar. See toolbar.png. The button opens a dialog for authors to choose a pseudent pose. See dialog.png.

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The Slice Template

This blog post by Chapter Three was brought up during this month's Drupal for Good conference call.

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The Paragraphs field widget *can* be pretty.

For those out there dealing with unwieldy Paragraph fields, here's a screenshot of what were able to come up with which we're pretty happy with. Also has some interactive theming per

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Beginner/Intermediate level paragraphs talk I did in January

Hey everyone,

In January I did a talk about Paragraphs at a local meet-up and the video is available online(Jump to around the 19:00 minute mark):

It starts out very beginner level, and I break down the differences between Paragraphs and some of the other popular page building tools. I then go into a bit higher level strategy for actually using it to build layout components.

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Case: Add class to TR element that wraps around a Paragraph bundle on node edit form

There was quite a bit of discussion/concern about the the editor UX during the BoF. I've opened this case with the hopes it is an easy (and modest) first step in improving the visual design. You may want to make a comment on that case if you have something to add or follow it.

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