Revamped Drupal 8 Website

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We have revamped our website (Drupal 8) which is a collaboration site for people to share their technical expertise and their customer service experience. , provide solution to technical problems, review new technologies and gadgets, give their views on future technology and help the community to solve technical problems. Our goal is to make customer services easily accessible, fast and within reach of consumers of uk's biggest companies such as Sky, Vodafone & VirginMedia at all times.

After our initial brainstorming sessions we focused on 3 main goals for the site:

  • Content Strategy: People First - Emphasize the team at every opportunity.
  • Design Approach: Have personality, be friendly, be human, be memorable.
  • Editorial Process: Creating & distributing content must be easy and/or automated.

We have a road map of planned features and A/B testing for aspects of the site. As time (and Drupal 8) progresses we have applied small incremental updates to followthesteps. Working with beta software certainly provided some challenges. There were some bugs, but most affecting the site have now been fixed as Drupal 8 moves closer to a stable release.

The site has been successful achieving our project goals. followthesteps is a memorable, and highly functional website with a highly functional drupal 8 theme. We’ve be able to automate a number of content workflows while greatly improving the site’s SEO performance.

Our analytics show a major improvement in the bounce rate, along with a very significant increase in the average time spent on the site.

Drupal 8 has allowed us to implement several very customized features for followthesteps.

We are excited about the successful relaunch and very happy to see so many people interested in the project. 



Personally then I think you

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Personally then I think you have done a good job, using related design and Drupal 8. Good inspiration! :)