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I'm visting Roumania from France.
I would be happy to meet Drupal people English or French speaking)

I stay until the 28th.
I already know I'm in Bucaresti Free on Friday evening (just now visting Sinaia:) and one other city before going back on Friday in Bucaresti.

I will be visiting several cities for sure
Iassi and Bukowina's churchs
Tulcea and delta area
and maybe Timisoara and Constanta

My number is +33 6 24 78 29 22 and a temporary for Roumania 0754259754


Who I'm : Around 2009 the Drupalcon Paris I have been instrumental to gather the French Drupal community. Nowaday I do manly project management et putting together business opportunity. I'm still interested in Drupal but I have also lot of other interest like Urban farming and devotional art ;)


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