Upcoming events in the Western US/Canada

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Here are three upcoming events in the western region that may be of interest:

Sept 15-17 in Seattle -- PHP Developer conference -- https://pnwphp2016.dryfta.com/en/

Oct 20-13 in Berkeley CA -- BADCamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp) -- https://2016.badcamp.net/

Feb 24-25-26, 2017 in Vancouver, BC -- Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit -- https://groups.drupal.org/pacific-nw-drupal-summits

(The next DrupalCon is in Baltimore in April 2017, so not as convenient.)

I can personally recommend BADCamp -- I've attended it several times in the past, including last year. It's a big conference, but not quite as big as DrupalCons. I will not be able to go this year, alas! Also not as expensive as DrupalCon -- the conference and trainings are free (donations accepted). Also, Southwest airlines flies non-stop to Oakland, where you can catch the BART up to Berkeley. There are also not too expensive places to stay near campus, such as the Travelodge (which is fine unless you require a 5-star experience).

I also very much like the PNW Drupal Summit. It is much smaller (about 200 people), so a different atmosphere than BADCamp. Highly recommended! I'll most likely be there. Last time this was in Vancouver, we had a Spokane group road trip, which was fun -- maybe we can repeat it in February?

I don't have any personal experience with the PHP developer conference, but if you're a PHP programmer, you might check it out.

Anyone have any other events they think we should know about?