Do I have permission to contribute to the Shorten URL's module for Drupal 8?

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As a college task I have to contribute to a module converting it to a Drupal 8 version.
And for that I ask the Drupal Community permission to do this, and to start as soon as possible when I have time.

Thanks in advance.

I hope to get an answer soon.

Kind regards,

Bert Verleyen


Submitting patches

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Hello @bertverleyen,

Welcome to the Drupal community!

If you want to make a change to a module, or even Drupal core, you don't need permission, or even write access to its source code repository!

Instead, we write patch files and submit them to the maintainers of that module in the module's issue queue, who review it, and eventually, accept the patch into the source code repository.

For in-depth information, you might want to read the Drupal 7 documentation on practicing patches, the getting involved guide on patches, the Module Contributor Ladder, the Drupal core ladder, and an article I wrote on best practices for generating patches.

I can give you a brief overview of the process here:

  1. You have an idea for how to change a module.
  2. You look through the module's issue queue to see if anyone else has the same idea.
  3. You clone the module to your computer using the information in the project's Version control tab.
  4. You make your changes, then a patch file, and then attach the patch file to a new comment in the issue.
  5. Someone else in the community, or the module maintainer themselves, reviews and tests the patch.
    • If the patch is a relevant change to the module, conforms to the Drupal coding and documentation standards, passes automated tests, and works when they manually test it on their site, then the patch is marked as "Reviewed and tested by the community".
    • If not, then the reviewer posts some review feedback, and you or someone else must submit a new patch file with the changes.
  6. The module maintainer performs a final review of patches that are marked "Reviewed and tested by the community", mostly to see your change working for themselves and to check if anything is missing (for most modules, this final review is pretty informal; but for Drupal core there are quite a number of things to check).
    • If the module maintainer finds something that needs to be changed, they post some feedback, and you or someone else must submit a new patch file with the changes. (as a module maintainer myself, if an issue has made it this far and there are only trivial changes, then I will make the trivial changes myself; but this is not true for every maintainer, especially those with limited contribution time)
    • If the module maintainer is satisfied, they commit your change to the repository.

In summary, you can start writing your patch file right away! You don't need special permissions from anyone to do so.

I know that's a lot of information, but I hope that helps you get started! feel free to ask more questions here, or, if you want a faster response time, in the #drupal-contribute channel in IRC.

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