Ok i think i have local dialed in.

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pendleton-or.us "The most accurate and up-to-date" Would love to here the negatives.

we have about 2000 businesses in Pendleton, Oregon, USA

Using lat/lon for address (plus regular address.) reading is 4' in front of door plus have a 2nd door lat/lon field and quick lat/lon map. (great for chow carts.) using blackberry satellite app not using cell tower lat/lon do not have a computer phone, still seeing if the 2 jive.

paying people $1.00 per update/database correction. This one thing changes everything.

plus i live here and i am the editor so i have my finger on the pulse of business.

here is my database record.
the lat/lon shows where i am staying at night in my car, it is illigal to sleep in Your car within city limits $1000.00 fine, the officer just told me and i am just outside of the City. Doing about 60 records a week will get better should here for 2 more months then The Dalles next. See progress at http://zeda.org/usa/or/

again Would love to here the negatives.

We are always Open Source! Could not have happened with out it. Thank You Open Source Community!

Portland (Oregon)

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