Cynde Mercer presented a Relativity Data Model Drupal 8 Demo- Broward Drupal Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2016

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This month Cynde Mercer ( presented a Relativity Demo, which is based on Jay's ( Relativity model for Drupal.

Cynde did a demo of a site she is planning on building with Jay Epstein's ( Drupal Relativity Data Model. The site is currently built with the D7 Open Church distribution, and now Cynde is planning on building it in Drupal 8 using the Drupal Relativity Data Model.

Cynde started the demo by showing us the content types that she had created. She went on to show us how she had implemented the data model using entity references and we went on to talk about how to use the Field Group and Inline Entity Form modules to show the full power of the Drupal Relativity Data Model (D8 Core plus 4).

It was great to see one of our regular members show off what she had learned from Jay to build a great Drupal 8 websites using the latest Information Architecture techniques.

We had four remote users and three in person.

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-- Hector


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