Drupal 8 Media Management and Analytics

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2017-01-19 18:00 - 21:00 Australia/Sydney
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User group meeting

Kick off 2017 with a good variety of Drupal presentations covering Drupal 8 media management, analytics, accessibility and how to build a Display Suite plugin.

1800 Drinks
1830 Presentations
1915 Lightning talks and announcements
1930 Drinks, pizza, socialising and mentoring
2100 Kickout

1. Media Management in Drupal 8 by Ivan Zugec (20 mins)

Ivan will cover the complex topic of media management in Drupal. A lot has changed in how media is handled in Drupal 8 and in this session he'll cover the following:
- What's new in Drupal 8
- A run through of all the media related modules for Drupal 8
- Demonstrate how to set up basic media handling in Drupal 8

2. Advanced Analytics by David Bouwmeester (20 mins)

David will take us through the basics of setting up analytics and then demonstrate how to use tools to analyse and visualise the captured data.

3. About Accessibility (A11y) by Alexar Pendashteh (lightning)

Alexar on accessibility.

4. Display suite field plugins by Alastair Moore (lightning)

Welly will show us how to write a custom display suite field in D8.

5. Questions and Answers

An open session where questions can be asked and discussed. Don't be shy - ask us anything.


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