Mobile CMS screenshots of ProcessWire on HTC One M7

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  • Using ProcessWire on a phone makes it UI look dull.

  • Easy to Use.

  • No proper alignment when using a phone.

  • Looks messy.

-- Drupal is really better than processwire concerning CMS since it is well spaced and offers a cleaner interface.
-- Drupal is more stable and reliable.

Below are the screenshots attached of ProcessWire for Mobile User Interface.
(1) ProcessWire front page
(2) Modules
(3-4) Docs
(5) Blog
(6) Forums

Screenshot_2017-01-13-00-01-44.png594.71 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-13-00-02-08.png273.9 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-13-00-02-21.png246.3 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-13-00-02-30.png301.06 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-13-00-03-12.png303.97 KB
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