Mobile CMS screenshots of Joomla CMS (Joooid) on HTC One M7

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  • It is not easy to find any mobile integration for self hosted applications.

  • Consistent and stable

  • Straight forward.

  • In some cases the program stopped working.

  • The learning curve is larger as compared to other open source platforms.

-- Drupal can be improved by making its tabs better and also work on the drop down list.
-- Compared to Joomla, Drupal is much easier to use and to learn.

Below are the screenshots attached of the Joomla CMS for Mobile User Interface.

(1) Log in

(2) Available services

(3) Articles

(4) New Article

(5) Edit article

Screenshot_2017-01-12-22-43-50.png235.78 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-12-22-44-20.png190.45 KB
Screenshot_2017-01-12-22-44-11.png335.26 KB
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