February talks - CANCELLED

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2017-02-22 18:30 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Due to work commitments we are unfortunately having to cancel this event.


22nd?! That's the fourth

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22nd?! That's the fourth Wednesday! What madness is this?

Also I have prior committments again. Please reschedule.

Cancel your commitments ;)

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Cancel your commitments ;)

Im up for giving a run through of my symfony talk

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Ive got a talk at drupalcamp london accepted, and happy to run through that. Its essentially what we've learned as a team of drupal developers building a big symfony application over the last 9 months


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Keen for this Tim (and Tom), it's a date

Cold :(

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I'm probably not going to make it tonight as I've got a bad cold, rather than infect everyone else.

Tim, I look forward to seeing your talk in London next weekend.

apologies all - Ive got a go

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apologies all - Ive got a go live running long and wont be able to get down for tonight.

Bummer that it was cancelled.

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Bummer that it was cancelled. I'll have to hop on to the next one.