Florida Drupalcamp 2017 Schedule is Live!

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Our schedule is live! Check it out at https://www.fldrupal.camp/schedule/sat

Register Today at https://www.fldrupal.camp/

We’re so fortunate to have all types of great speakers! Thank you to all who applied.

Speaking of Alligators…

We’re going to have live alligators! Yes, you read that correct. This is Florida. This is what we do. We also may have a puppy, but we promise we won’t let them play together.

We’re doing Lightning Talks!

The last “real” session on Saturday is lightning talks. This is where you (or anyone) comes up and presents what they want for 5 minutes. These will mostly be technical, but can really be anything PG rated.

Code Sprint on Sunday

It’s hard to explain just how fun code sprints are (because the name certainly doesn’t sound fun). But trust us, it’s a great way to meet new friends, learn Drupal, and contribute back.

Register! There’s only 9 days until the camp! https://www.fldrupal.camp/


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