Drupal 8 Dojo Reboot

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A bold idea: is it time to reboot the Drupal Dojo for Drupal 8? I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

I've also set up a survey to collect some initial input on best practices and areas to focus on lessons. Please fill it out if you are interested!


Also definitely curious to hear what those still subscribed to this group think of the idea.


Probably a good idea. If no

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Probably a good idea. If no one else has commented her yet it is probably because no one comes here. The whole support and documentation environment needs work, and as we discovered when we tried to get a revamp for the forums, there is not really the resources (and possibly not much will) to make that happen. The risk of rebooting dojo is that becomes just another niche. Renaming it 'official Drupal training' would help, though I am not sure whose authority would be needed to do that.

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