Drupal 7/8 developer who wants to move to NZ

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Hi guys, I'm a Drupal developer from Belgium.

I would like to come in New Zealand for (at least) a few years so I'm looking for some available position. If any of you know anything about a company looking to hire a Dev, let me know :)

Thanks in advance guys!


You should talk to Alex from

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You should talk to Alex from xequals.co.nz. He's organizing the Drupal meetups here in Wellington and could probably forward your interest at the monthly gathering. Normally there are at least a few companies looking for developers. Good luck!

Maybe also post it on the meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Wellington-Drupal-Meetup/

Those advices looks great :)

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Those advices looks great :) Thank you for your help!

Catalyst IT is a good company

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Catalyst IT is a good company with a big Drupal Team and always looking for some guys.

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Have you find your amazing job? :)

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I'm french and in New Zealand too ! I've just google "Drupal + Auckland" to check some opportunities ^^ And landed here !
Did you find something ?

Not yet :)

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Not yet :)

And you're already here ?

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And you're already here ? you're looking for a job in dev only ?

No I'm still in Belgium, I

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No I'm still in Belgium, I can't get a visa without a job ( too old for that :) ) and for the moment I'm only looking for dev jobs.

Ah yes ! I'm in working

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Ah yes ! I'm in working holidays visa... not the same. I think 2 agencies with Drupal look for someone. Check on seek.com