NZ Collaborative Sprint

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Hi everyone,

Alex here, organiser of the Wellington Drupal Meetups.
As discussed in our last event, we are keen to do another collaborative sprint together sometime this year, focusing on a D8 module that needs a lot of love.

The poll is here!

If there are other modules you think should be on the poll that aren't, post a comment here and I'll update it.

It's important that the module in question has a strong business case from NZ Drupal companies so that we could even look at potentially pooling some labour/financial resources to make it happen. While the idea will be to do it for the open source community, if the Drupal project is required as part of commercial project being undertaken by several NZ companies, it makes sense for us to all put resources towards it, such as sponsored HR time. This also increases the likelihood we can get it over the line.

Let's get the conversation happening now, see if we can identify an area that we all want to contribute to, and start looking at planning our attack from there.

Also, if you have any topics you'd like to see discussed at the upcoming (but as yet, unannounced) Wellington Drupal Meetup, then let me know!