Bricks Sprint at Design 4 Drupal Boston 2017

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2017-06-25 09:00 - 15:00 America/New_York
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Bricks is a new way for building pages on top of Entity Reference, Display Modes, Layout API, tabledrag.js and Flat Tables. Everything is in Drupal core that makes Bricks ultra-lightweight and developer-friendly. In terms of concept this is a new generation of Paragraphs.

On the Sprint we will perform testing of new features, think of better UX, work on documentation and do some refactoring.

List of particular topics to work on/discuss:

  • Better editing UX (and especially this issue pack)
  • Bricks + Pattern Lab integration
  • Bricks + Fractal integration
  • Bricks + Paragraphs integration
  • Your current/upcoming website site building strategy

List of other tasks:


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