Pan-India Virtual Sprints & Monthly Regional Meetups

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Hello Drupal India,
Drupal India is second largest Drupal community in world next to USA. Indian community is diverse and one of the countries with more regional groups. Let's come together as a whole with an activity to connect all the Drupallers from different regional groups in India.

What's the idea:

  • Organizing virtual sprints on second Saturday of every month (interested people/organisations can organize in-person regional meetups).
  • Webinars on the day of sprint (call for speakers would be announced few weeks earlier to the sprint date.)

Working Hours: 14:00-20:00 {second saturday}(add you preferable times in comments)
Time Period: July 2017 to December 2017


  • A initiative to connect all Drupallers from different regions in India.
  • To increase number of contributors from India
  • Establish platforms to promote DrupalCamps and other Drupal events in India.

Focus of the sprints:
- Drupal Core
- Porting modules to Drupal 8
- Translations into regional languages of India.
- Designing logos, posters and branding of all regional communities in India.

Focus of Webinars:
- Drupal8 features
- Exploring the untapped potentials of Drupal8 with IoT, WebVR, OpenData and many more

RoadMap for next 6 months

Q3 2017
Connecting all the regional communities in India
Establishing common platforms for all Drupallers in India
Branding all regional communities in India

Q4 2017
Increasing Contributions.
Organizing more in-person regional meet-ups.
Increasing translations into regional languages.

IM/Channels to communicate

irc: #drupal-in
slack:[100+ Active Drupallers]
Telegram: [400+ Active Drupallers]
G.D.O:[1300+ Members]

Useful Links

Registration: signup to contribute to Drupal Project
Different ways to contribute: [step wise:]

Guidelines for Mentoring:
Contributor Tasks:

Issue Queue:
Novice code contribution guide:

All the events will be listed in events section of Drupal India Facebook Page:
Facebook Page:
[Soon, a dedicated website will be launched to list all these events. ]

Join us by adding meetup details of your regional group below:

Regional Groups
* Hyderabad

If you want to support this initiative as a company/NPO, please list it here:
* Swecha

If you want to support/improvise this initiative as an individual, please add your suggestions/ideas or how can you help in comments section.

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