¡DrupalCon in Latin America!

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The Drupal Association is holding a survey to see if the community is interested in participating in a DrupalCon either in Canada or Mexico.

I believe it's time to bring DrupalCon back to Latin America!

There are so many exciting developments happening here (such as the Drupal Console, for example)

Take the Survey and help make it happen:


Thank you!


La Asociación Drupal está realizando una encuesta para ver si la comunidad está interesada en participar en un DrupalCon en Canadá o México.

¡Creo que es hora de traer DrupalCon de regreso a Latinoamérica!

Hay tantos desarrollos emocionantes sucediendo aquí (como la [[https://github.com/hechoendrupal/drupal-console|Drupal Console]], por ejemplo)

Tome la encuesta y ayúdela a que suceda:




Drupalcon North America

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Hi Nick, that is good to know! Yet AFAIK the DA considers Mexico and Canada as North America, so it looks like they are planning to have held Drupalcon in the other NA countries. We know that Canada will win because they have bigger companies that can sponsor :P

Regarding Drupalcon Latina America, it was an special edition, just like it was for India and Australia, given the big growth of the community outside Europe and US. This special or third Drupalcon, can only happen if the DA has enough budget to afford a "break even" and if the communities are strong enough (not just big) to support such a huge even, otherwise we are far from seeing Drupalcon Latin America again in the near future.

In short, we should be careful to not sell smoke to the community ;)

[develCuy](http://steemit.com/@develcuy) on steemit

Oh God!

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Please, be my guest!!
My pleasure



DrupalCamp Mexico City Organizer

Ricardo Beltrán
CEO, Indava

1) Are we need the DA to pay

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1) Are we need the DA to pay the bill?

2) Canada is a Latin America country?


Paulino Michelazzo

Yes, I'm Brazilian and we don't speak Spanish here (but I can speak too).

2) Canada is a Latin America

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2) Canada is a Latin America country?

Obviously not, from what I could understand, if there is enough interest in Mexico, DA would consider having a single "north american drupalcon" (which always happened in USA) in Mexico (latin america), or even to Canada.

I doubt they change US for

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I doubt they change US for any NA country. Even Trump isn't so stupid.

I'm following develCuy on this question. We should be careful to not sell smoke to the community.


Paulino Michelazzo

Yes, I'm Brazilian and we don't speak Spanish here (but I can speak too).

US is a large country.

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US is a large country. Flights from the West to the East coast and vice-versa are expensive.

I just ran a simulation of flights for May from San Francisco to NYC and vice-versa. They are at about $400. Interesting enough, that's about the same from these cities to Cancun.

Anyways, the DA is evaluating the possibility, and we have to applaud them for this.

I would say we should support Mexico (and even Canada), as it promotes diversity and inclusiveness.

where everybody feels welcome!

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I do not think Drupal is a USA product, I think that having DrupalCon in a country where there are no religious bans reflect the values of our community.
Both countries sound terrific, however, I think that if you really want to have a different DrupalCon, Mexico would be the best option, not to mention the weather :-)

Disclaimer: I'm Mexican :-)

Ricardo Beltrán
CEO, Indava

Canada is a Latin America country?

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No, no. Canada is (of course you know this) a North American Country, as US and Mexico are (this refer to the Continent: North America).

Now, Mexico is the only North American country that is considered part of Latin America because we have the same roots: Spain...so this Latin America refers to the ethnic group.

Puerto Vallarta or Cancun

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Yeaaah Cancun baby, I can help out with the organization although I live in Guadalajara XD.