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Hi! We are feverishly working on content for Meetup in September, but also open for subsequent months! Right now, we are gearing towards lightning talks (5-10 minutes) for September and our topic is Beginner's Drupal. Here are a list of suggested topics, we are looking for people who'd like to talk about them :)

  • Top 20 modules for D8
  • State of migration from D6/D7 to D8.
  • Taxonomy overview
  • Views overview
  • Theming 101
  • Drush 101
  • Caching 101
  • other Drupal beginner / 101 topics

If you have talks and would like to present in months following September, please also let us know! We are on Twitter and Meetup. Or better yet, leave comments below!

Thank you!


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We are looking for speakers! We are interested in your approach in solving real world Drupal problems, or any new technical implementations that should be used to make Drupal run faster! Interested in giving a talk? Have a talk you'd like to see? Please go to and put down your thoughts!

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Would you like to present at next Meetup?

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Hi, if you are interested in presenting a lightning talk for September Meetup, please say it by leaving comments at this post! Thanks!

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