Marketing of Drupal companies

Hello, marketing colleagues! Drupal is rather a complicated product and I believe each of you have faced different marketing, PR and sales challenges. We’d love to accumulate the knowledge we have and share the insights on marketing of your Drupal-focused company in the Drupal world. You’re welcome to raise any question you have in mind here.There’s also an existing channel in Drupal Slack (#marketing channel), I hope we can revive it.

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Drupal Dev Days

2018-07-02 (All day) - 2018-07-06 (All day) Europe/Lisbon
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Dev Days 2018 Lisbon

Drupal Dev Days 2018

It's official! Save the date for Drupal Developer Days Lisbon 2018: 2 - 6 July, at ISCTE-IUL University.

More information about tickets and call for sessions coming soon!

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Relaunch of The OPIN Mic Podcast

Hi Everyone!

My name is Suzy and I'm the Marketing Manager @ OPIN in Ottawa, Canada.

In an effort to help us with the marketing of Drupal and our digital agency, we've just relaunched our podcast.

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Marketing outputs of DrupalCon Vienna

Hello there!

Our fellow marketing colleague has released his notes on DrupalCon Vienna, including the outputs on the marketing BoF and sprint.

"People are confused and are having a hard time winning with Drupal in the arena of CMS choices", says Nathan. We can sort it out, and we can start with a proper marketing.

As it was stated, the biggest challenges in marketing/selling Drupal now are:

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The main outputs of the Marketing challenges BoF (DrupalCon Vienna)

Hello, colleagues and those who just pass by!

You can find the outputs of "Marketing challenges in the Drupal world" BoF here:

We defined the main challenges of selling/marketing Drupal, but very few people managed to visit this BoF. We feel it'd be fair to invite to the discussion other marketers, sales managers, etc.

Do you have something to add to this list?

The biggest challenges in marketing/selling Drupal

  • Competition
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Marketing challenges in the Drupal world

2017-09-27 14:15 - 15:15 Europe/Vienna
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Hello, marketing, sales, and PR folks!

We organize a BoF at DrupalCon Vienna and want to discuss burning issues each manager faces in promoting Drupal products and communicating with a target audience.

The proposed agenda is the following:

  • interaction in social media - where to maintain relationships with leads;
  • social selling - adjusting a lead wisely;
  • marketing budget and what's worth spending on;
  • guerilla marketing - what really works.
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Marketing of Drupal companies

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