Marketing challenges in the Drupal world

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2017-09-27 14:15 - 15:15 Europe/Vienna
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Hello, marketing, sales, and PR folks!

We organize a BoF at DrupalCon Vienna and want to discuss burning issues each manager faces in promoting Drupal products and communicating with a target audience.

The proposed agenda is the following:

  • interaction in social media - where to maintain relationships with leads;
  • social selling - adjusting a lead wisely;
  • marketing budget and what's worth spending on;
  • guerilla marketing - what really works.

You're very welcome to raise any topic and we look forward to see you all: company owners, managers and those who are involved in marketing, sales, and PR processes.

Found a topic that bothers you a lot? Create a discussion here in the group then and let's sort it out!

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