September Drupal DUG / JAM @ Advantage Labs, Flock

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2017-09-20 18:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

YOU are invited to this months Drupal JAM Session and User Group meeting! (Sept 20th)

6:00pm - 9:00pm: Co-working and networking. Bring your questions and we'll do our best to answer them informally. We have space to hang-out and work with others.

7:00pm - 8:30pm: We've have a mix of lightning talks, a featured presentation, and informal Q&A.

This month's topic: Everyone Has Something to Share
Joe Shindelar will be previewing his talk for DrupalCon Vienna and asking us for feedback.

We'll also have lightning talks:
Tim Erickson - Participating in Local Hack-A-Thons
David Radcliffe - Purging Dev Environment of User Data

If you have ideas for topics you would like to see OR if you would like to present a topic, please sign up on our presenter doc:

Location - Advantage Labs (@Flock)
Pizza and beverages sponsored by Advantage Labs

Advantage Labs at FLOCK
2611 1st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN, 55408


Let's finish the TC DrupalCamp Dates Survey

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We want to send out a survey email to all past TC DrupalCamp attendees. Let's use our time together at DrupalJAM to get this finished.

I will create a webform survey on the camp website, and we can refine and discuss at DrupalJAM.

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I think it's great to keep the ball moving on the previous camp's followup and look ahead towards future camp planning.

I have some concerns about continuing to plan and discuss camp-related stuff during after-hours events. Even if these discussion and activities are informal, people who cannot consistently participate in evening events are excluded from weighing in, and don't get the same information that everyone else "just knows".
This results in different 'classes' of participants, disproportionately affecting women and families.The community would benefit from hearing from a broader range of voices than just the people who can consistently attend the jams and happy hours.

When we have done informal surveys about planning meetings, participating organizers have favored daytime meetings and discussions. When we discussed this at the organizing session at the camp, there was also consensus. My understanding is that this was also discussed at the camp follow-up meeting, but that meeting occurred in the evening, and I wasn't present.

It seems silly to declare what can/can't happen at a jam, but if we want to handle camp planning in a way that is more inclusive and transparent, perhaps now is a good time to start doing that.

avoid camp planning activities

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I agree with Allie - the last jam/dug I was at, had new people -- I think that is how we advertised these meetings at camp. Additionally, didn't we mention doing some daytime things for the camp?

I usually attend the dug/jam because there is always a question I need answered or something I can learn.

Speaking of Topics

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Our main topic for the DUG will be a preview of Joe Shindelar's community keynote for DrupalCon Vienna "Everyone Has Something to Share." Joe has asked if we'd be willing to provide him with feedback as he prepares for his DrupalCon presentation.

We also have a couple of lightning talks lined up (and are looking for 1-2 more):

Tim Erickson - Participating in Local Hack-A-Thons
David Radcliffe - Purging User Data from your Local Dev Environment

If you have ideas for future topics or would like to sign-up to give a presentation at a future user group meeting, check out our google doc =

Tim Erickson

ISO Site Structure Help

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I'm (very slowly) building my first Drupal 8 website in a completely volunteer relationship, and I'm looking for some help in figuring out possible approaches to some desired functionality. So I'm tentatively planning to come to my very first JAM!

I'm hoping to connect with a person or three who'd enjoy offering and bouncing ideas based on personal experience. Functionality that I want to solve includes:

  • event registrations for teams (with PayPal payment processing)
  • registration for sponsorships and exhibits (with payment by check only)
  • integrate registrations and user accounts and profiles
  • automatically generate content like "meet the teams" and "meet our sponsors"
  • generate reports like past or current participants of an event

There's more, but this is plenty to start with!

I should also stress that I'm looking for strictly front-end solutions (if at all possible), as I'm not a developer. In fact, I won't even bring my laptop; just stuff to take notes with.

If you're going to be at the September JAM and this conversation sounds like something right up your alley, please let me know. I'm excited to see some familiar faces and talk shop with experienced Drupal folks!

Any more lightning talks?

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We're trying to incorporate more short lightning talks into our meetups, combined with regular presentations. These are a great opportunity to try your hand at user group speaking with minimal prep and low pressure. It's also an opportunity to touch on more topics during each user group meeting.

Lightning talks might use slides, a quick demo, or just be you giving a short extemporaneous talk.

1) Have you found a new module recently that is very helpful? Give us a quick 5 minute demo/overview.
2) Grappling with an interesting problem? Share your problem, your working solution, and ask for feedback or ideas?
3) Find a really useful development tool that you would like to tell folks about? Give us a quick preview.
4) Gain interesting insights at another user group meeting or tech event and want to share?

We could use at least 1 more "lightning" talk for next week. What do you want to share with the group?

Tim Erickson

Unable to attend

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Sorry for late notice, but I am unable to attend tonight's meeting. I had proposed working on a date survey for Camp attendees, but that will not happen tonight.

Looking forward to seeing everyone

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If you have learned anything cool in the last few weeks that you would like to share, please bring it along to share.

We have space for at least one more lightning talk if anyone wants the floor for 5-10 minutes to share something cool. Lightning talks do not need lots of prep.

FYI - I'm co-working with a friend at Dunn Bros (2544 Nicollet Ave S) a block away from Flock this afternoon. Feel free to drop in and hang out with us until the doors open at Flock. Especially, if you have any experience on D6-D7 migrations (I have questions).

Also, feel free to bring your own questions!

Tim Erickson

Coworking Cohort Moved

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Just in case anyone is looking for us, the coworking cohort moved down the street to @SpyhouseCoffee. It was too noisy at Dunn Bros.

Tim Erickson

Twin Cities

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