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Mais um projecto desenvolvido em Portugal com base em Opigno LMS.


Hi saidatom, I see the site,

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Hi saidatom,

I see the site, this is my feedback:

  • Seems very slow, aggregation of css/js is not enabled.
  • 404 and 403 pages redirects into the login form that for spammers and botnet is even easier to found.
  • Default urls like taxonomy/term/13 or node/400 still visible also if unformatted. This can allow crawler to enumerate the content on that site. Suggestion is install something like rabbithole.
  • The first link on game section seems to be a 404 and redirects to the login page.
  • I can click on the search logo 2 times without any keywords, that send the form on the search result page. Then i can see on the very bottom of the page "Please enter some keywords. " but in this page is not visible any field to search again, just filters.
  • i tried to access this course and it takes almost 10 seconds to open the page.
  • When you look into the source code of the home page there is on line 156 a duplicated tags. That error is present also on several other pages unclosed divs, ecc..

Hope this help

Hi ziomizar

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Hi Ziomizar,

Thanks for feedback, tomorrow we will look at erros/sugestions and fix.

Best regards,

Very nice work. Parabéns! I

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Very nice work. Parabéns!

I would also hide the /node page.


Congratulations for the

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Congratulations for the project.


Best Regards
Marco Santos


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