Drupal Contractor in the Seattle area

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ATTN is looking for Drupal developer in the Seattle area. While Seattle is preferred, we're also receptive to anyone in the Pacific/Eastern timezones. ATTN's engineering team is mostly remote, with the home office based out of L.A. Our software dev methodology is pretty lightweight, agile/kanban organized around a combination of tools: Trello, GitHub, Slack, & Hangouts.

We're looking for a contractor engagement of around 3-6 months. The project is migration of fairly modern D7 project (developed in the last 2-3 years) to D8.

Some details about our Drupal environment:

  • Dev Environment: self-contained, Docker-based, git repo.
  • Hosting Environment: Pantheon
  • Deployment Setup: Pantheon/GitHub Flow/CircleCI-based workflow
  • D8 Project Setup: Composer-based project using the Contenta D8 distribution with a fully-decoupled frontend setup (JSON API backend -> NodeJS frontend)

The above should give you an idea if you're interested in the project and if you have the qualifications.

Extra Pluses:

  • Some D7 to D8 migration experience
  • An effective communicator able to work seemlessly betwwen different communication channels in an asynchronous / synchronous manner with others.
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • NodeJS, Ansible, Jenkins experience (not requred, but other tools we use)

Send any inquiries to sconn (a) attn -.- com w/ compensation expectations & CV/resume.