Drupal Brisbane Monthly Meetup

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2018-01-09 18:30 - 21:00 Australia/Brisbane
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User group meeting

6.00pm: Beer and Pizza
Drinks and venue are sponsored by Acquia https://www.acquia.com/
Pizza is sponsored by TEstudIO https://tomato-elephant-studio.com/

Very occasionally we have a sponsor for this - but generally we just try to recover the minimal cost of these - so bring some cash to throw into the 'honesty-box'.

6:30pm - Drupal Presentation I:
Topic: To be advised
by: Pending

7.00pm - Around-the-Room Intro's

We put this as our second item on the Agenda so that late-comers don't miss out! This section is one of the most valuable parts of our meetup in terms both of building the Drupal community, and for networking to learn who is working on and has skills or experience in what things.

Three elements: (1) Name; (2) Drupal role & context in ten words or less; & (3) something interesting in Drupal or other webtech that you've been working on lately.

7:15pm - Drupal Presentation II:
Topic: To be advised
by: Pending

7:45pm Community Feedback or Lightning Talks
We don't want to use up much Meetup time on this but, depending on what activities are being planned for Qld Drupal networking, promotion and training we may have some elements needing broader yet concise consultation & feedback. When not need this time will be supplanted by any lightning talks participants might be able to offer. No pressure!

8:00pm - Drupal Presentation III:
Topic: To be advised
by: Pending

8.30pm - Finish & Networking Time:

All welcome to stick around to continue the conversation over another beer.


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