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The MIT Enterprise Forum has an Energy Special Interest Group founded in 2004. We have held a business presentation competition each year since, growing in size and sophistication. It's a very exciting program - we've had 100 teams go through it and several have obtained funding and recognition - we're actually doing something about the major energy problems we're facing by helping new companies start that have the products or services that enable us to use less fossil fuels. We have had no web experts involved in the organization to date and so design and coding has fallen to me, an amateur.

My first Drupal website can be found at http://www.ignitecleanenergy.com. It's come a long way though it's far from complete. I don't have the time or training to be an effective webmaster so we are looking for someone to do so. We are getting recommendations from a lot of people but I would love to be able to employ someone who is a Drupal expert so that we wouldn't be starting from scratch... or find someone who insists on redesigning from the ground up using a different application because then I will have wasted much of my free time for the last six months and will have to shoot myself. ;-) I am not averse to a redesign if that is the only way to make this work but I hope some tweaking will do the trick, followed by maintenance.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about clean energy and would like to help build the clean energy virtual community for the Northeast. We can't afford top dollar but we will pay for your work even though we are a nonprofit.

If you don't have time/ inclination for that, I'd surely appreciate anyone's help with this website. When's the next meeting?!

Thanks very much,


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