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Part time

Company Overview

Shopwindow Corp offer cutting edge Drupal solutions to Corporations, Non-profit Organizations, Universities and Government Agencies in Boston, New York City and beyond.

We have three years development experience with Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 websites.
Now with the coming of Drupal 7, we need more passionate and creative people to join us.

Job Description
Sales for Drupal Projects

"True selling is not about how many sales you make or how big your commission check is. True selling means being passionate about your company's service and being compassionate with the wants, dreams and needs of your fellow human beings."

Great Communication skills is a must.

Boston or New York City based is preferable, though telecommuting is also possible. Successful candidates should be passionate, detail-oriented, an eager learner and a team-player.

Compensation: By Project

US Citizens or Green Card Holder Only.

Contact Information

Please contact with resume or any questions.


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