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Hi there,

The official French Senate TV channel, Public Sénat (, moved to Drupal last week.

Public Sénat was the first french TV channel to provide free VOD in 2007, today, they refesh their site with a new version on Drupal promoting and leveraging their journalists work.

With this new site, Public Sénat becomes one of the top French political dedicted site. They takes benefit of there very good page rank and a week after the launch, SEO results are very good, the site audience doubled to date. This new site offers articles, videos, live tv, podcast, tweets selection, bonus, back stage videos and user comments.

Some insights :
- The site is built on Press Flow Drupal distribution which coexist with the legacy CMS (Drupal host the home page and all /lcp/politique pages, not VOD pages).
- Load tests demonstrated a x 4 web site capacity increase versus former CMS (custom solution based on smarty)
- Except for Tweets, moderation APIs and AFP feeds management, most of the site is based on Drupal community modules with intensive theming effort.

The site was built by our agency, is&a bloom -, we are a France based Drupal and design shop. The whole projet took 5 months for 2 to 5 people.

Fell free to come back to us for any comments, questions or feedback on this project.


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Beautiful. I'm curious how

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Beautiful. I'm curious how you developed the menu system and the entire sites navagation.

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Thank you very much, in fact,

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Thank you very much, in fact, the menu is a mix of a standard Drupal approach, with the Nice Menu module, and a custom tab in 3 cols built into the TPL/CSS for the legacy VOD area of the web site. For the custom tab, we used a dedicated node form with 3 groupfields to ensure an easy editing. Feel free to contact us in 1/1 at if you want more details on this.
Cheers, Alexandre.
06 98 22 76 33

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