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This wiki page lists a number of learning resources for Drupal users, particularly resources useful for newspapers and resources outside
Welcome to add any resources you feel are missing, as well as comments to resources you have experience of.
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Descriptions of how some newspaper sites are using Drupal


  • Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites (by David Mercer). From "A complete guide to every aspect of creating a variety of different websites using Drupal. A trove of well-considered and practical information is presented in a logical and intuitive manner so that you can either build up your site step by step by reading from cover to cover or, alternatively, focus on your specific needs by diving into each chapter as required." ... "This book takes your from initial set up through site design and creation in a series of carefully structured steps. While there are a few advanced topics that are beyond the scope of the book, all of the core stages of creating a website using Drupal are covered in detail."
  • Building Online Communities With Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress (Drupal 4, by Robert T. Douglass (Author), Mike Little (Author), Jared W. Smith). Comment via "This book is a shining example of that skill put to good use. The author is extremely talented at phrasing things in "real English" and makes no assumptions that the reader has any pre-existing knowledge. His explanations are well thought out, and make perfect sense out of what can be a complex subject. He has obviously spent a lot of time crafting the words to ensure you get the picture. I've had many "ah-ha!" moments reading this book, where something came together and clicked in my mind - even after reading many other explanations elsewhere."
  • Pro Drupal Development (Drupal 5, by John K. VanDyk and Matt Westgate). From Lisa Williams: "This book is at a very different level than either David Mercer's book or Building Communities with Drupal, Wordpress, and PHPbb. Pro Drupal Development is really aimed at someone putting together a site who is a programmer, or who wants to build new modules, so it's very different from the first two books, which contain relatively few code snippets and more about installing and configuring Drupal and related modules."
  • Practical Drupal: Evaluating and Using a Web Content Management System (by Niall Mansfield). From Amazon: "Explaining the fundamental concepts necessary to understand how a Web content management system (CMS) works, and how Drupal in particular operates, this guide is basic enough for beginners with no prior CMS experience. First an evaluation guide helps the reader to decide if Drupal is the CMS needed and includes a tutorial to get a useful site up and running in less than a day. After that, Drupal's administration, content management, how to build and manage installation, and modifying and extending functionality are all explained in detail."
  • Drupal 5 Themes by Ric Shreves, published by PACKT Publising. The first few chapters cover the basics of drupal theming (basic configuration of core themes, finding and installing new themes, etc.) but later chapters get into advanced details: intercepts and overrides, modifying themes, creating themes and so on.

(Here's a node with some data about the books.)

Podcasts and other online resources

  • drupalbasics: site and podcasts for new Drupal users. (For some reason the first episode won't load. You can find it here instead.)
  • (The links are dead, you can search these sites from another source.)

  • A ten episodes long podcast entitled "Building a Website With Drupal" from Geeks & God. It starts with the basics, and gets more advanced further on. Good if you're new to Drupal. (If you have problem downloading, a primitive mirror is found here.)
  • (The links are dead, you can search these sites from another source.)

  • SpryDev broadcast a podcast focused on search engine optimization in Drupal. (If the link stalls, you can try using this XML feed or this primitive mirror.)
  • (The links are dead, you can search these sites from another source.)

  • The Lullabot Drupal podcast: Some Drupal-gurus come together every week or so, to talk about new stuff in Drupal and usually also to discuss a certain topic (such as top 40 modules, a particular project, and so on). They also have a interviews with some big names in Drupal development. Good podcast to keep up with what's happening in the Drupal world, less good if you're completely new to Drupal. I'd say this is the best podcast if you're not completely new to Drupal. //Itangalo
  • The Acquia podcast series, Acquia being the probably most important Drupal vendor. (Subscribe via RSS-feed or link for iTunes).
  • Dudertown (Drupal 4). Video tutorials to help new people get started with Drupal. Sessions include creating content, installing and building themes, and setting up a local host. And more.
  • Drupal Dojo: High-rated online sessions with stuff like theming a views table, FormAPI Extravaganza, and using CVS. Screencasts available for download.
  • A high-rated series of articles on choosing, using and developing Drupal written by some IBM guys.
  • A basic tutorial, Extra! Extra! Creating a school newspaper website using Drupal. Submitted as part of the GHOP contest.
  • The Art Lab has a sporadic podcast called the Drupal School. The XML feed is available here
  • A list of screencasts to get you kicking ass with Drupal (sic), collected by Matt at

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