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hi guys,

i am a freelancer in any kind of digital media design.
after a few years of developing with joomla, i decided to make more further projects with drupal.

for that i need coaching and support to finishing quality drupal driven webprojects.

you are welcome to get in touch if you:

- a themer - 960.gs would be great, because i make most of my mockups in that grid system.
- a coder with know-how in cck, views, panels and knowledge about usefull moduls for individual needs.
- a proactive geek with php, js, ajax and all the stuff who brings life to a website.

best thing for our collaboration would be IM with icq/jabber/skype and email.
if you are from germany it would be great, but conversation in english is also fine.

i will pay a individual agreed project based price. i prefer a package price, after we talk about my briefings.

you can write me a email with some references and your idea about your daily fee. if i can imagin a teamwork i would like to add you to my buddylist and will answer you - if not, dont be sorry and thanks in advance for your interest.

best regards from germany,
josch (jo.kas@web.de)


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