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This paid contract project (ideal for freelancers) will involve building a Drupal-powered "database" of short snippets of text (< 500 characters). Requirements for each component of the project will be specified and agreed to in advance.

Among the requirements currently under consideration:

  • Each database entry will have one or more tags associated with it. The database will be searchable/filterable by these tags. Customized views based on the tags may be developed on subdomains.
  • Some entries will be viewable to all visitors; others will be visible only to paid subscribers.
  • Auto-recurring subscriptions processed via PayPal. Subscribers granted instant access to subscriber-only content.
  • For subscribers, a system for generating custom feeds (delivered via email or RSS) based on selected tags.
  • A system for batch-importing database entries (content) from an Excel spreadsheet. (Past experience suggests that Drupal's content-entry interfaces are too slow for the volume of entries we'll be adding and editing/revising (5,000 initially, then a hundred per day).

Please be prepared to complete each of the above requirements and provide examples of relevant experience.

Payment for each stage will be held in escrow at Elance or similar.

Reach me at kanderson2k at gmail dot com


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