Drubuntu HOWTO

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This HOWTO will help you setup your computer for rapid Drupal development using Free and Open Source Software (wherever possible) for the operating system, IDE & development tools, server platform, & multiple browser testing.

This set of tutorials will show you how to install and configure:
* Ubuntu as the basic operating system
* Apache, MySQL, and PHP in the LAMP stack
* Eclipse for the development environment
* Firefox, Webkit, & Opera for cross-browser testing

Note: This guide is up-to-date for the 12.04 Precise Pangolin release of Ubuntu. It should also work well with the previous few releases, and generally apply to other Debian setups, such as MINT.

Try before you buy

If you'd like to test a version of this setup in Virtualbox, Parallels, or VMware, checkout Drupal Development Desktop

Roll Your Own LAMP Development Server

  1. Installing Ubuntu - there are 2 main options:
  2. Install CVS / Subversion and other software to support Web development - OUT-OF-DATE
  3. HowTo Install Eclipse on Ubuntu -- OUT-OF-DATE
  4. HowTo Install an Ubuntu LAMP Development Server -- Still relevant but possibly with a few out-of-date details.