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This will be an ongoing full-time contract (40 hours per week, or as agreed) for the duration of Drupal.org’s CVS to Git migration project. http://drupal.org/community-initiatives/git contains an overview and detailed implementation plan. This contract deals with completion of Phase 1 (read-only Git mirror) and Phase 2 (replacing CVS with Git as our version control system). The contract is currently estimated to be 3 months in duration with the possibility of an extension. This is a contract telecommute position.


To migrate Drupal.org from CVS to Git, and make all adjustments necessary to existing Drupal.org collaboration tools to support our existing centralized, patch-based work flow (Phase 2 of the implementation plan: http://drupal.org/community-initiatives/git/feature-list).

Primary Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and manage the technical aspects of the migration to Git.
  • Coordinate with the Project Module Developer position on aspects of migration that relate to Project and Project issue tracking modules.
  • Document all decisions and changes and publish that information to the community.
  • Work with the relevant maintainers, infrastructure team lead & other admins.
  • Deploy upgrades to development, staging, and production sites.
  • Add Git integration features on Drupal.org that are scalable and perform well.
  • Communicate regular updates, including progress made, work remaining to be done, and any hurdles encountered, on at least a bi-weekly basis to other members of the project team, as well as the Drupal Association and/or their designated representatives

Skills needed

  • Drupal development knowledge, especially familiarity with Version Control API, CVS, and Project / Project issue tracking modules.
  • Deep knowledge of Git and setting up and configuring Git servers.
  • Experience with migrating large CVS installations to Git.
  • Communication over IRC, issue queues, and one on one meetings with infrastructure maintainers.
  • Understanding of scalability and security, especially given the massive user base of contributors and projects on Drupal.org.
  • Ability to create clear technical writing and communication.

Required Experience

  • Familiarity with the Drupal.org environment, especially the existing CVS integration functionality.
  • Intimate knowledge of Git and Git server administration.
  • Understanding complex system deployment architecture.
  • Managing staging sites and systematically pushing tested changes to a live site.

How to apply

Please select the "Drupal.org and Git migration contract position applications" selection from the Drupal Association contact form, then submit a summary of your qualifications, along with a link to a .TXT, .PDF, or web page of your résumé, along with your rates. Experienced Drupal development companies as well as individuals are welcome to apply.

The Drupal association is a Belgian non-profit. The association is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.