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I haven't got a photo gallery on Drupal yet but thinking seriously about it (I have some stuff on Flickr ready to move in), however I thought it would be very cool to have a list of all the Drupal photo galleries out there for the people who want to create a new one (like me) or just for the curious.

I decided to reuse Thilo's nicely formatted post about Gallery2 sites for collecting the main data (I hope you don't mind?). Don't forget to go update his post if you are using Gallery2 specifically.

Anybody that did not use Gallery2 for his Drupal photo gallery?

Looking forward to see your artwork!


Site URL Version information Modules used for the Gallery Author Details Drupal 6.x Node Gallery, Views, Imagecache, Lightbox2 MSathesh A very simple photo gallery! Drupal 6.x Node Gallery, Views, Imagecache, Imagecache Actions, Lightbox2, Jcarousel Darrell Imagecache actions used to create photo album frame Drupal 6.x CCK, Imagefield, Imagecache, Image FUpload, Views, Colorbox Svetlin Drupal 6.x Views, CCK (imagefield),imagecache, Lightbox, custom color detection algorithm for the glow on the sidebar popup bubbles @ popular photos Jurriaan (peach) ProPhoto theme by SooperThemes - includes an install profile with the site Drupal 6.x Custom modules Jason Xie Drupal 6.x Read details pawel.traczynski Drupal 6.x Image, Views, Lightbox2, Cloud Zoom, Custom Pagers, Taxonomy, CCK Greg adams Details Drupal 6.x Views Galleriffic, Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Lightbox2, Taxonomy, CCK wutu Details Drupal 6.x Image, Lightbox2, Taxonomy pawel.traczynski Details Drupal 6.x Image, Lightbox2, Taxonomy pawel.traczynski Details Drupal 6.x Image, Lightbox2, Taxonomy pawel.traczynski Details Drupal 6.x Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Lightbox2, Taxonomy, CCK manumilou Details Drupal 6.x DDBlock Slideshow khan2ims Details Drupal 6.x Galleria, JCarousel khan2ims Details Drupal 6.x Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Quicktabs, Lightbox2, Taxonomy, CCK m13 Details Drupal 6.x, Gallery 2.3 Gallery (6.x-1.0) Deepak Details Drupal 5.x CCK, Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Taxonomy, Lightbox2, Pathauto, Panels, Liquid Layout, PicLens Delf Details Drupal 5.x CCK, Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Taxonomy, Taxonomy breadcrumb, Lightbox babelfish Details Drupal 6.x CCK, Imagefield, Galleria, jCarousel, Imagecache, Views, Lightbox, FLV Player, Taxonomy Image, Emfield morningtime Details Drupal 5.x CCK, Imagefield, Imagecache, Views, Taxonomy, Pathauto, custom module for "highlighting" nodes mikegoodwin Details Drupal 5.x, Gallery 2.2 gallery (5.x-1.x) lvthunder Details Drupal 4.x, Gallery 2.x gallery (4.x-x.x) JohnForsythe Details Drupal 5.x image module, views danpen Details Drupal 5.3 own module, views DesignWork Details Drupal 5.x cck, imagefield,thickbox, imagecache, views Ben Details Drupal 5.3 cck, imagefield,thickbox, imagecache, views, php code for a custom taxonomy display on one page. VenDG Details Drupal 5.x views, cck, imagefield, imagecache, custom_pagers, pathauto David Lesieur Details Drupal 5.5, Gallery 2.2.3 Gallery 5.2, Views, Insert View, Related Links, Weather, Currency jupiterchild Details Drupal 5.5, Gallery 2.2.3 Gallery 5.2 + many contrib modules, see Details jupiterchild Details Drupal 5.x, Gallery 2.2 Standard and custom modules, described below tomfriedel Details Drupal 6.x Image and Piclens FrankFiselier Details Drupal 5.x CCK/Views/panels/imagecahce/thickbox the2ndday Details Drupal 5.x CCK/Views/panels/imagecahce the2ndday Details Drupal 5.x CCK/Views/imagecahce/thickbox varunity Details Drupal 6.x CCK,Views,ImageCache,Thickbox,FiveStar,ImageFupload,
Gert Mewes Details Drupal 6.x views, cck, imagefield, views attach, nodereference url, css injector ed r Details Drupal 6.x Views Gallery, ImageFlow, Gmap/Location Ed Details Drupal 6.x Views, CCK, ImageCache, Lightbox 2 Danny Englander Details Drupal 6.x Views, CCK, ImageCache, Lightbox 2, Webform, Image Gallery, Nodereference and others, about 70 modules VladoMire Details Drupal 6.x Image 6x-1.0 beta6, Views 2x, ImageCache 2.0 beta10, Lightbox 2 RiversideKid Details Drupal 6.x Gallery Assist and submodules (se project page) jcmc Details Drupal 7.9 Views 7.x-3.3, Chaos tools 7.x-1.0-rc1, new content type with image field, jQuery Sasikala Details


Let me just explain which modules were used and for what.

  • CCK + FileField + ImageField - used to define new fields to allow uploading images in custom nodes
  • Views - used to present up to 17 nodes/rows of each category
  • Taxonomy - allows Views module to filter current view by taking an argument from the address. If no argument is sepcified then last 17 added nodes will be showned. If there is an argument then the view will be filtered by the taxonomy term
  • Colorbox - this nice plugin is used to present photos in a similar way as the lightbox2 does, except it looks 100x better and has lighter javaScript
  • JQueryUpdate 2.0 alpha - this one is required by ColorBox. To run colorbox you'll also need to download the colorbox javascript files from
  • jScrollHorizontalPane Actually this is not a Drupal but jQyery plugin. It's used for the scrolling effect
  • Custom JavaScript - A lot of it - used for scrolling, page numbering and the leftside list of "slides"

It was a little hard but I really do like the result.
Regards, pawel.traczynski
A basic Gallery build on Gallery 2. Contains loads of photographs contributed by our VIP members.
The gallery is powered by Gallery 2 which is configured to run on a fully integrated mode. The Gallery2 Drupal module is used to integrate this gallery with Drupal. The Gallery2 theme used is Floatrix slightly modified to show Adsense ads in album and image pages.
A rock photographer's photo gallery with Lighbox2 and Piclens utilized for visual immersion into the world of rock music.
A set of contributed Drupal modules were used in combination with a few custom-developed modules. The photographer can create albums and upload dozens of high-resolution images (3-5MB each) totaling in 100's of MB of data with only 3-4 mouse clicks. Images are automatically resized, watermarked, uploaded, renamed and created as nodes. Images can be viewed in two modes: first is Lightbox2, second method is with PicLens which provides exciting 3D effects for viewing photo albums. Pathauto is used for informative URL mapping. Views are used on almost all pages with Liquid Layout utilized for theming views.
A fairly simple photogallery, in which I use the following modules: CCK, Imagecache, Imagefield, Views, Taxonomy, Taxonomy breadcrumb, Lightbox.
• I created a content type with an image field (Imagefield module) to display the photos and used Imagecache to make duplicates of different sizes to use for the thumbnail and page views. The original image can be viewed with Lightbox.
• I used Taxonomy to categorize nodes (portfolio, year, country, place, camera) and Taxonomy breadcrumb to show which portfolio the current node belongs to. (Unfortunately, Taxonomy breadcrumb works for only one category, the one with the lightest weight. In my case this was "portfolios".)
• I did not use Views to make lists of nodes with one specific taxonomy term as there are always more and more terms added. Instead I just used Drupal's default built-in taxonomy listing.
• In the taxonomy lists I got rid of the node titles and taxonomy terms (in CSS) and used float:left to display nodes next to each other, instead of the default one below the other style.
I use a fairly standard setup of CCK, Imagefield and Imagecache to attach images to nodes and resize the images as needed. I then use taxonomy to categorize nodes and Views to provide listings of nodes that have been tagged with each taxonomy term. Pathauto redirects the Views url of 'taxonomy/term/tid' to something more user-friendly. Each view is a simple unordered list of images. However I use the jQuery Galleria plugin to make the list more fancy. I had to make slight alterations to Galleria in order for it to work with Drupal 5's old version of jQuery, but it was fairly straight forward. Lastly, I wrote custom code that allows me to picks nodes as "highlights" for their corresponding terms. This is what I use to have an image associated with each term for the navigation of the galleries.
This is a TATTOO-site so the gallery needed that special kick. I decided to make a taxonomy based gallery, so tattoos could be listed in multiple galleries. Galleries are displayed as Thumbnails with two options. the Lightbox view or the zoom view

I hope you like my version of an image-gallery

  • The Main Modules are Image (Image Galleries), Lightbox2, Cloud Zoom and Views.
  • I used Voting, Fivestar, Similar by Terms, FB Share, Print, Tagadelic and Custom Pagers to spice up the galleries.
  • Using Custom-Pager viewers can move in or switch to another gallery on-the-fly.
  • Pagers dynamically pop up for different tattoos (based on taxonomy) in the zoom views. (maximum 4 galleries per tattoo)
  • Cloud Zoom lets us zoom in on the tattoos
  • In the zoom view different angles of the tattoo can be seen in one node as for the gallery would separate them into separate thumbs to make them viewable through Lightbox2

Also used: Pathauto, Taxonomy Menu, Taxonomy breadcrumbs
Its my (slightly untended/outdated) personal site running a custom Drupal theme and unmodified Matrix for the embedded Gallery2. The gallery of my second (more professional) site is not publicly accessible.
Modules Used for the site: CCK, Contact, Menu, Taxonomy, Custom Breadcrumbs, Gallery, Glossary, Printer-friendly pages, and Views.
Background: I use the Smarty theme engine for drupal so the theme for gallery and Drupal look similar. I made both the greypop theme for G2 and the smarty version for Drupal. You can download the greypop theme for G2, but not for Drupal. Supporting the G2 theme takes up enough of my time.
Photography of local protests, and anything else I find interesting. Powered by an embedded version of Gallery2 with a customized version of the Siriux theme. Photos available for reuse, just ask.
Drupal 5.x, using the Image Module (with it's Gallery), Custom Pagers, Views, CCK and Contemplates. Found Gallery2 integration slower and harder to integrate in a Drupal site (Gallery always felt like an add-on integration with Taxonomy / Keywords would have helped). Now it's easier to create and maintain relationships between images and other content.
Drupal 5.x, using a own module and views. Theme is a own development. Look here: Showcase for more information.
I have tested many pictures modules, afterwards discovered node_images suits the multiuser use. The picture attaches to node, this kind of form I like.500959
Pretty much the same fancy gallery as in many tutorials. Nice feature is a block that shows more images from the same user when you regard a full image node.
Integrated with cck, views, views_bonus, viewa argument API, thickbox, a little php, gmap module, community-tags, tagadelic, ...
main gallery
table view
map view
promotion on frontpage (see right column)
a users gallery (accessible through user profiles, where latest 8 pics are shown)
This is a Flash website created with Adobe Flex Builder using services and amfphp to get the data from the image gallerie in Drupal..(the comments and send email is also with Drupal)
If you can read French, I have posted a short blog post about the site's recipe. A Google translation of the post is not perfect, but accurate enough. and
A Travelog of places of interest mainly in the UK, France and Russia.
A community of bird photographers and bird enthusiasts of all kinds. The site is integrated with several taxanomical databases and the IUCN Red List database. Additional features include image histograms, and enhanced searches. I wand to create a lot of larger gallerys by different users. So I needed a plain gallery node, what is done by CCK. Gallery nodes are categorized by organic groups. To easily upload a lot of pictures I used the SWF upload modul, pictures are file attachments. So the whole gallery still sticks in one node. The most important module is "Image Upload", it creates Image nodes of attached files. So every image can get comments, and be downloaded in different sizes. Custom Pager allows going forward and backwards in one gallery.

A Journal of my family history research. Tracing my ancestors with the surnames Jacklin and Ashforth.

Since I prefer to spend my time on photography, travel and family history, both sites use modified CSS and the Bluemarine and Matrix themes. I moved from Acidfree to embedded Gallery2 since Gallery2 gives me more control over the administration of 300+ albums and 5000+ images. The multi-site Gallery2, though a little tricky to setup saves a lot of ftp/admin time. I wish I could use a Drupal multi-site setup but being on shared hosting and using add-on domains my many attempts have never proved successful.

My family history site allows the opportunity to use many contributed modules i.e. Views, Insert View, CCK, GMap, Date + historical date code (adodb-time), Timeline, TNG Integrate, ImportHTML, FAQ, Links, Related Links, Node List and Task List, though come Drupal major upgrade time and things can be rather scary!
</ br>
This site is my first attempt to organize my 5000+ electronic photo's (starting with a mere 70...) Build on Drupal 6.x with Image gallery and PicLens modules it's beating the hell out of my old FlashGallery site...
You have to enter a proper name and e-mailaddress while registering to gain access to the site... is a social networking site for glass artists and fans. Users can upload pictures of their art pieces.
The galleries section have be done with cck(imagefield), views, panels,, imagecache, thickbox and fivestar.
Now(Aug 2008). The site has about 150 galleries and each gallery has 1 or more pictures. is a website showcase gallery only for minimally designed website.
used cck(imagefield), views, panels, imagecache, and fivestar. serves as a professional photographic portfolio.
Album photo is one of the easiest multi user, multi album, multi group photo gallery that i have tried so far. I've tried Gallery2, views+imagefield+imagecache+Thickbox but Album photo is the easiest, simple, easy configure for beginner like me. It has multi-file upload option, this is why i like it so much (most importantly, it support drupal 6.x)
Inspired by Not2Us i wanted to create something similar..
So i used the same setup: CCK/imagefield, Imagecache, Views, Pathauto and Taxonomy to sort and display the images in a list.
As my client had some flash-sites in mind i needed some JS-Eye-Candy - this solved the JQuery-Galleria-Plugin (in a custom module-wrapper) in combination with the JQueryUpdate-module. To combine this with the produced list, i themed the list-view to insert the needed code for JQuery-Galleria.
Coming from the Joomla World, this is my first Drupal 6 Blog, and I´m pretty happy with it. The only thing I missed was
a nice gallery component for drupal 6. So I tried to build an own one, and only used standard modules from drupal, and CSS
for the styling.
Looks quite nice already. In addition I wrote some tutorials at my blog for you to build a similar gallery if you like it.
Some key features: Albums have cover pictures, Batch-Upload, automated scaling during upload, voting functionality, commenting
functionality for photos, Cooliris-Slideshow, Free Tagging, Browse by Tags, Lightbox Effect, Filters like Most commented,
best voted Photos, styling is done with fully with CSS. See you at Gerts-Space, guys :-)
I recently got a new digital SLR, a Canon EOS 7D. Taking and processing photos with this camera has inspired me to create my new gallery. What better way than to use Drupal! Enjoy the photos, I like to post process with multiple images composited and tone mapped. The photos are a selection from my recent adventures with my darling fiancee.
My site is finally LIVE! I have not modified any code on my own, although I via VIEWS I have modified the "photo by" section to list the user that uploaded the photo. Other than that this is a sample of a photo gallery entirely from the image_gallery from the module. For years we have hosted a gallery2.3, but it was time to extend the site to incorporate log in criteria for other aspects, so we moved from gallery2.3 to drupal 6x.
This demo page shows the possibilities offered by the module "Gallery Assist":

  • GA give us the possibilities of assign the gallery functionality to the most existing content types
  • the possibilities to combine this module with other useful modules such as Views, ImageCache, Lightbox2, PathAuto, etc.
  • the possibilities of using some of the known lightboxes such as PrettyPhoto eg, Fancybox, Shadowbox, Colorbox, Litebox etc.
  • the possibilities of using other libraries and services such as PicLens, CoolIris, Some solutions from JQuery-Tools etc.
  • The flexibility of design. For example, different types of presets for the different gallery-functionality-assignments. (different gallery-settings for each assigned content type)
  • etc.
My site is live. I have created new content type with image field. Used modules views, chaos tools to create views for main gallery page. I have used thumbnail in main page. On click the picture in main gallery take to node page where i used views to show slides to navigate.

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