Drupal Site Building and Code Development on MacOS

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If you're developing for Drupal there are dozens of freeware and shareware applications along with some handy gizmos and web services that can ease the pain of development, particularly if you're running a MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini. This session is for people with intermediate skills who know how to get Drupal running on MAMP but need a clue or two about version control, text editors, browser plugins and the rest of the tools that maximize your time and effort.


I think this could be easily

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I think this could be easily expanded to include the minor variations of developing on windows and Linux as well. (linux being my choice).
Being version control works the same everywhere, it's really just /which/ client you want to use. But still, the concepts are all the same.

Mike Nichols
My Own Soho, LLC

Wouldn't mind help demonstrating other platforms

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but my experience with MacOS goes beyond the basics and the session will cover apps and techniques that I am not as familiar setting up on Windows and Linux.

New York City

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