Views and Panels

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2010-06-03 18:30 - 20:30 America/Toronto
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User group meeting

For our June meeting we're fortunate to have a guest speaker, Khalid Baheyeldin of 2bits. Khalid will be here to enlighten us on Views, with some additional discussion about its companion, Panels. In addition to talking about the core features of Views and its uses, we'll talk about the performance impacts of Views, and even look at what's ahead in Views 3 (the version that will support Drupdal 7). It should be an enlightening talk to Drupal users of every level. Hope to see you there!


Great -- Looking forward to this!

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Are we still meeting at the Poacher's Arms?

Can't wait to see Drupal 7 and views 3

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Further details on the location would be great...Can't wait to meet some other Drupal guru's


Poacher's Arms it is

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Yep, we're still meeting at the Poacher's Arms. It's downstairs, just south of Queen's on Richmond.

Dang, I have a family

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Dang, I have a family function that takes precedence. I was looking forward to it too. :(


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The slides are now posted here as a PDF: Drupal'ss CCK, Views and Panels, London Drupal Users Group.

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Thanks Khalid

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Thanks for posting the slides, and for a great session. I think everyone who came out learned something, and the general Drupal discussion that followed was excellent too. Looking forward to the Waterloo region's filedepot discussion in a couple of weeks, I hope we can get out a good contingent!

Budget 30 minutes more

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On the 401, east of Woodstock there is a stretch of construction causing the traffic to be one lane. So when coming in, budget 30 minutes more than what the GPS would say.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

And thanks for a wonderful dinner. Wish we had more time.

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