Panel: Picking up Projects Mid-Stream - Do's and Don'ts

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Format: 1 hour panel

Concept: What happens when you take over a Drupal project mid-stream from another developer, designer, team, etc? What should one look out for, and what should one do to ensure it doesn't turn into a Boschian (or otherwise) nightmare? How should one deal with the proposal/contract?

Topics will include:

  • Creating a workflow/what to look out for & generating a solid proposal
  • What to fix first (if it ain't b0rk, don't fix it)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • How not to burn a bridge
  • Best practices & tips

Some examples will be given throughout the session to show some good, some bad and some ugly.

Your panel presenters are John Zavocki (johnvsc) and Can Alptuna (orbgasm).

John is a 16th century Venetian painter with post modern feminist tendencies.
Can is pronounced John and is also a post-humanist that loves Brooklyn deli sandwiches.