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2008-01-13 19:00 Etc/GMT

Help build the Dojo on Sunday, January 13 at 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET, 2 p.m. EST, 11:00 a.m. PST)

This CoffeeTalk will be used to discuss the feature list for the new website as mentioned in the Feature List Deadline post. Please review the Website feature issues in the Dojo queue and add to the discussion. If you think of new features not already listed, please add them. To keep the actual CoffeeTalk time focused please make sure you familiarize yourself with the issues and add any relevant feedback ahead of time.

During the CoffeeTalk itself the goal will be to review the Website features in the queue and assign them to different priorites (need, want, nice to have, no.) Note that we are only focusing on Website features and not other Dojo ideas or issues (like video production standards.)

We will have a lot of ground to cover so to try to be efficient I'm proposing a few guidelines:

  • IRC: We will make this an IRC-only CoffeeTalk located on the freenode network at #drupal-dojo using the hand convention for speaking. We have been horribly distracted by audio issues in past CoffeeTalks and not everyone has the equipment and/or software to be heard. To minimize distractions let's keep it simple and accessible.
  • FOCUS: Let's stay focused on the task at hand. I will compose a crib sheet listing the features to be reviewed the day before the CoffeeTalk. We will go down that list in order and spend 5 minutes per feature to give it a priority based on discussion in the issue queue. We have a bunch to go through and we could spend all day if we don't watch time. This means we aren't having in-depth discussions about merit nor introducing new features during the CoffeeTalk. Please make sure you add, read and discuss the feature list prior to the CoffeeTalk. This way everyone gets a voice on the record, even those that cannot attend.
  • RESULTS: As we determine the priority we will add any relevant IRC chat logs in a comment and mark them as such in the queue: need = critical, want = normal, nice to have = minor and nos will be closed. After the meeting we will post the resulting priority list to the Dojo group so everyone in the community can review it and have another shot at feedback before we finalize the list and begin writing the detailed spec.

If anyone has better or additional ideas or feels I'm totally on crack ;-) please feel free to comment so we have a solid plan in place before we start.


Here is a crib sheet

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This is a list of the features in the queue that we will be reviewing during tomorrow's coffeetalk. Make sure you read the full issues in the queue and have an idea of which ones fit into which priority so we can get through the list as quickly as possible. Please don't just rely on this one sentence crin sheet. We have 14 features listed and at 5 minutes each, that puts us at 1 hour 10 minutes. We will also need a someone to volunteer to be the moderator for "hands" so if you like to do that please respond here and/or show up in the #drupal-dojo IRC channel 30 minutes before the coffeetalk starts so we can all get n the same page.

See you there!

Lesson calendar
A way to track upcoming lessons and common slots
For asking questions about lessons.
Bookmarks: Sortable Searchable Repository of useful links and resources
Tagging of site content as well as a way to mark off-site resources and
create various listings.

These next issues are very similar issues trying to get at the same topic:
Lesson CCK
Making a custom content type for lessons.
We need nodes for teachers to choose their topic(s)
A way for teachers to submit lessons.
Lesson and project wishlists/suggestions
A way for anyone to submit a lesson suggestion.

Private messaging
Reminders, messages.
Creating a newsletter for case studies, spotlights, reviews and Drupal
community news.
Dojo blog
Place for Dojo users to blog.
Code snippet / pastebin
Dojo-specific taggable pastebin for lessons.
User accounts/membership features
Allow user accounts on the site.
Live lesson subdomain
Create a subdomain dedicated to delivering the live lessons (a la the
current setup on webavant's server.)
Allow for multi-language content.
Sponsor page?
A way to acknowledge people/companies that help the Dojo.

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Coffeetalk results

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I've posted the results of the CoffeeTalk in the queue ( There are IRC logs in each individual issue to show the voting/discussion around each.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and helped get through that list!

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