Drupal 6 Launch meeting - Blogging, Press releases, Screencasts, Newsletter mailings, Industry experts, Local groups

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2008-01-30 08:00 - 09:00 US/Pacific
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User group meeting

Hello, the Drupal 6 release is imminent.

We've done a good job building up some of our marketing capabilities over the last several months. We need a push over the next few days.

1) We need an official press release.
2) We need to familiarize ourselves with http://drupal.org/drupal-6.0.
3) Robert Douglass is going to lead the Digg and Reddit publishing effort. We need a document explaining how to add social news widgets to your blog.
4) We need Drupal 6 videos, I believe they are already in production.
5) We need to notify local user groups that Drupal 6 is about to be released so they can schedule Drupal 6 related meanings.
6) We need to identify key industry analysts who we want to know about the Drupal 6 launch. These are the people that everyone in the industry turns to get an opinion on what Drupal 6 means.
7) We need to get quotes from showcase sites. What does Drupal 6 means for happy existing users etc. Getting quotes from the showcase sites would help.
8) Andreas and I have created a list of all the Drupal planet bloggers. We will be sending an email to them in the next day or two.
9) We've identified 72 hosting providers who are active in http://drupal.org/hosting we are preparing an email to them. We could do with some help to get them ready for Drupal 6 and start promoting they have Drupal 6.
10) We need to send targeted mailings to the Drupal mailing lists to rally our base and get the Community ready for Drupal 6. dev, themes, documentation, consulting

The launch should happen within days, but I've set the meeting to Wednesday to give people a chance to arrange their schedules. Let's not wait until Wednesday to start taking on tasks. There's already over 17 000 blog posts mentioning Drupal 6, according to Google Blog search. Let's make sure we keep up the good momentum.

The meeting will be in IRC. Network: irc.freenode.net, Channel #drupal-marketing. Please read: http://drupal.org/node/108355. Mac IRC client:http://colloquy.info, Windows IRC Clients: http://www.ircreviews.org/clients/platforms-windows.html

If you don't know how to use IRC, contact me via Skype: civicspacenet, and I'll get you set up.



the announcement

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2) We tried to have a format for the announcement which is catchy as well as easy and inviting for newcomers as well. We have been doing lots of back and forth at http://groups.drupal.org/node/8059 and it looked like the time to move that to http://drupal.org/drupal-6.0 Further editing on the groups wiki is not really convinient, since the drupal.org version has inline styles, links to screencasts and other goodness, so I am not sure about the right workflow to integrate feedback and show the up to date version to beginners at the same time.

Los Angeles call to action

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Thank you for providing an agenda for our local meeting tomorrow night. I'll work with our group to contribute towards this effort and marketing/PR 'calls to action' down the line.

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

Partial notes from the meeting

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These are really intended to be notes for myself, but it may help provide a scattered recap for this mornings meeting - http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dg9292rd_88g5wn6qp4

If anyone want's to access/clean up my notes, i'll certainly grant you access to edit the doc.

Gus Austin
PepperAlley Productions

Gus Austin

Action items for the meeting

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Marketing meeting:

  • Introductions.
  • Press release: Trevortwingin, Jeff Eaton, Jeff Whatcott, Barry Jaspan, Keith Smith
  • Drupal 6 quotes: unclaimed
  • Social Media promotion: Robert Douglass, MediaDoneRight: Digg, Facebook, Reddit. Instructions for bloggers.
  • Video: Greg Knaddison, Addison Berry redoing the video section of the handbook, working on these videos. "Installing" "Upgrading from 5.x" "New Features" and "i18n/l10n"
  • Targetted marketing: http://www.yoroy.com/elders/drupal/D6-features/whatsnew.html, http://www.yoroy.com/elders/drupal/D6-features/drupal6-targets.html
  • Local User Groups: Guide for promoting Drupal 6 to your local group -dchakrab, gusaus.
  • Hosting providers - Amazon
  • Drupal planet bloggers - Amazon
  • Drupal mailing lists - Goba
  • Live blogging Drupal 6, managing comments - Amazon
  • Messaging about status of contribs: Eaton
  • Message to people who've not looked at Drupal in a while - Laura Scott

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Maximizing exposure for a grassroots media campaign

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Recommended plan from Rain City Studios

  1. Draft Press Release and accompanying Blog post (for "news central" post)
  2. Get signoff on PR and prepare all related socialmedia (photos, quotes, tags, links) and posts ready
  3. Submit to PR Web (about $300) and send embargoed copies to selected press and bloggers, PR Web will publish soon after midnight.
  4. Early AM on (hopefully) a Tuesday or Wednesday (not before a holiday!) post blog post, pointing back to release on PR Web. On blog post, include all social media links topormote story - including pre-readied Digg listing, tagged delicious and Facebook add.
  5. Live blog on home post throughout the release cycle including titled links back to each and every blogger who writes about the story - have a list ready of who we are pinging to blog about the news and the urgency to get the word out
  6. Post links back to home post with summary on all Twitter, Jaiku, Digg, Facebook, personal blogs, community blogs, IM and email bloggers and press
  7. Monitor Buzz using PR OPML file (feeds from technorati, google alerts, etc.) and reply to all comments and continue to post links to each coverage on home post until radio silence for a week
  8. Post follow up post recapping the 'News Round up' from the release

"Home" post should include usable quotes and useful items (hi-res photo and links to background info) but MUST be not written as a press release, (that's what the press release is for) this must be written by someone close to the project who is also a skilled writer. (This can be accomplished with the help of a writer to craft message and enhance the personality.)

Drupalcon Boston 2008 · March 3-6, 2008
Learn more at http://boston2008.drupalcon.org
Affordable sponsorship packages available

videos ready

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The videocasts section of the handbook is updated to include a section on Drupal6 specifically and I've got a blog post ready to go on my site which includes the videos, links to their drupal.org handbook pages, and the html code to embed them into another site inside of a little textbox. I've also update the main release at drupal.org/drupal-6.0 to include the links to the handbook pages for the videos.

If someone wants to write some jquery that targets the .node textarea and when clicked will select all the html I would love it.

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