Drupal Modules that Improve Accessibility

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A list of modules that you can use to enhance the accessibility of your Drupal site. If you know of other Drupal modules that enhance accessibility, please add them to this list. There's an overview also here http://drupal.org/node/394252

This information is current as of 4th July 2016.

Helpful Modules

Module Purpose Latest Release Last Updated Maintainer(s) Documentation Usage
Abbreviations Filter It can be used to scan text for a user-input list of abbreviations and then replace them with an <abbr> tag which also encodes the non-abbreviated phrase. This is especially useful for any sites where accessibility is a concern, or for sites in fields with a lot of technical jargon. 8.x-1.x-dev
Joshua Li 212
Bootstrap accessibility This module loads the Bootstrap accessibility plugin installed on /sites/all/libraries/bootstrap-accessibility-plugin. Rock n' roll for your bootstrap projects Sandbox 2014-09-30 Jonas Bärtsch Bootstrap accessibility README.txt (proposed) 1
Accessibility toolkit (a11y) This provides a block with configurable support for inverting colors, increasing contrast, overriding the site's font to use Open Dyslexic and interface scaling. It also provides domain'ed cookie support so end-users can set this value and have it travel with them across sites on the same domain (in the future translating this to PHP session cookie so it doesn't have to do it dynamically each time). 7.x-1.x-dev 2016-Aug-25 btopro Penn State University post 2
A11y titles Allows site builders to add hidden titles that screen readers can perceive. 7.x-1.0-beta1
2010-Oct-14 JohnAlbin 174
Accessibility (a11y) Checklist Provides a checklist of accessibilty-related modules and tasks to perform on a Drupal site. 7.x-1.x-dev 2013-Mar-26 opdavies 2
Accessible Content Helps you create content that meets accessibility standards.
Lets site administrators build and customize standards the site should adhere to.
Tests the accessibility of content in the node body as well as in any CCK text field with input filtering.
6.x-1.1 2010-Aug-07 kevee Two versions:
Page in Site Building Guide and
Screencast with captions
Accessible Helper Helps you make content more accessible.
Serves as an API.
johnbarclay 19
Better Select Overrides multiselect HTML elements and replaces with checkboxes. 6.x-1.0-beta3
setvik 1115
CCK Accessibility Adds checkboxes for the fields of image editing forms by content type to require alt or title fields. 7.x-2.0-rc1
thekevinday 46
Content Check Provides a UI and plugins that perform automated checking/review of entity content. 7 2016-Jun-26 Dave Reid 2
CKEditor Accessibility Checker This module enables the Accessibility Checker plugin from CKEditor.com in your WYSIWYG. This plugin is an innovative solution that lets you inspect the accessibility level of content created in CKEditor and immediately solve any accessibility issues that are found. 8 2016-Jun-26 Joshua Li 8
EIM Lets you make image alt and title text required (by content type) without breaking existing designs. 7.x-1.2 2012-Nov-19 realityloop 818
HTML Purifier Helps you ensure content is valid HTML. 7.x-2.x-dev
ezyang Online in HTML 8270
htmLawed (X)HTML filter/purifier PHP script. 7.x-3.2
alpha2zee Online in html 1314
Module Filter Provides the ability to quickly find the module you are looking for without having to rely on the browsers search feature 7.x-1.7
greenSkin 103790
Page Style Displays a style changer on the page and in the browser menu. Similar to Switchtheme (below). 7.x-1.0
CZ 749
Quail API Provides an API for the 3rd-party Quail Library to drupal modules. Quail API is a complete rewrite of parts of the Drupal 6 project called "Accessible Content". 7.x-1.1 2013-Mar-21 thekevinday 87
Semantic Fields Update module for D7 from D6 Semantic CCK. Lets you customize and enhance the HTML output of a field. 7.x-1.1-beta1 2013-Mar-05 rjay 778
Semantic CCK Lets you customize the HTML output of CCK fields. 6.x-1.4 2011-May-09 rhache 861
Semantic Views Makes Views output more readily configurable without needing to override template files. 7.x-1.x-dev
bangpound D6 video tutorial 11361
SkipTo SkipTo is a replacement for your old classic "Skipnav" (so please use it as such)! This script will create a drop-down menu consisting of the most important places on a given web page. The menu will make it easier for keyboard and screen reader users to quickly jump to the desired location by simply choosing it from the list of options. 7.x-1.x-dev
May 20, 2014 ronfeathers Doc + Demo 306
Switchtheme Adds a block to allow users to switch between enabled themes. Similar to Page Style (above). 7.x-1.0
sun drupalcode.org (inaccessible text) 4245
Taxonomy Theme Allows you to change the theme of a given node based on the taxonomy term or vocabulary. 7.x-1.x-dev
mkalkbrenner 599
ThemeKey and
ThemeKey Properties
Define simple or sophisticated theme-switching rules which allow automatic selection of a theme. ThemeKey Properties (D6 only) adds additional properties 7.x-2.3




mkalkbrenner 14982


Universal Subtitles Adds support for subtitled videos by the Universal Subtitles provider 6.x-1.x-dev 2011-Dec-31 Clemens Tolboom 6
Youtube Player Accessibility Adds support for captions & more accessible controls 7.x-1.x 20133-Apr-4 artofeclipse 8

Text-Resizing Modules

Module Purpose Latest Release Last Updated Maintainer(s) Documentation Usage
Text Resize Provides a block with two buttons to adjust the size of the text displayed on the page. 7.x-1.8
attheshow drupalcode.org 4426
Text Size Displays an adjustable text size changer or a zoom function on the page. 7.x-1.0
Christian Zwahlen drupalcode.org (inaccessible text) 2711

One Opinion on Deprecation

When text-resizing widgets were first developed, they were a considerate and helpful addition to any website. With the click of the mouse, people who could not read the text on the page could increase the font size, improving their chance to discern each word.

But that was last millennium. Well, it was not quite that long ago, but it was long enough ago that changes in browsers have made them unnecessary. All — or nearly all — modern browsers have a text resize function built in:

  • Press Control + Plus (Command + plus sign on a Mac) and the text size increases through a continuous range.
  • Press Control (or Command on a Mac) + minus, and the text size will shrink through a continuous range.

These browser-based commands give the user far better control over font size than any widget can offer. For this reason, accessibility experts now recommend that Web developers stop adding text resizing widgets to their pages.

Where Is Text Resizing Being Discussed?

For a more complete discussion of this point, read Text Resize: A discussion (among our own accessibility group) or the recent WebAxe post, "No to Text Resize Widgets."

Unsupported or Abandoned Modules

Module Purpose Last Release Status
Validation Created a block in the sidebar displaying validation tool buttons. 4.5 No longer supported