Sep Missoula Drupal Meetup - Special guest Acquia's Josh Brauer

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2010-09-07 18:00 - 20:45 America/Denver
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User group meeting

Only local images are allowed.Welcome to Autumn, Drupalistas! (At least it feels that way, what happened to warm?) To welcome us back from the Labor Day weekend we have a special treat in store for September's Tuesday evening meetup: Josh Brauer — expert Drupaller and engineer at Acquia — will be on hand to share some of his Drupal expertise and passion. I asked Josh if there was anything we wanted to present on, and he replied:

I can pretty much talk about anything of interest... I've recently been talking on dev->stage->production workflows drupal gardens doing design in the browser (css/html instead of Photoshop comps ... or any other number of things ... what would be most interesting to your group?

Since this is a self-organizing group, I'm going to let all of us decide what we'd like to hear Josh present on. In addition to the topics above, you can get a sense of Josh's expertise and past presentations here:

Please check those out, and use the comments here to say what you'd like to hear from Josh.

This is a special opportunity to hear from a Drupal expert here in Missoula. Hope to see you there!

Rough agenda

6:00 – arrive, chat, mingle
6:30 – presentation by Josh
7:30 – Q & A, informal discussion
8:30 – wrap-up, head home or for dinner/drinks

Meetup Details

6:00pm to 8:45 pm
Missoula Public Library
Large Meeting Room (downstairs)
301 East Main St.
Missoula MT 59802-4799
(406) 721-2665


will be there

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Don't know that I have anything specific I'm dying to hear about, but I do think I should be able to attend on Tuesday, barring any changes with a couple of ongoing commitments. Thanks for organizing!

Dev -> Stage -> Production

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Great work, Andy! I'm excited to have an outside pro to present for us.

I'm definitely interested in Josh's offer to speak on dev->stage->production workflows. I'm always looking for ways to make the launch and maintenance process more efficient with my clients' sites. That may help a bit with Christopher's recent question, as well.

As always, I'm flexible and will be happy to hear whatever Josh ends up presenting on. I will say that I'm pretty tired of hearing the 'S' word (Social Media) everywhere. If we can chat about Facebook's Graph API, or one one many other technical topics in the Connecting with Social Media world, that would be great. I'm not, however, interested in hearing more about how or why to make a page, profile, Google Places listing, etc. Hopefully we've all got that dialed in by now.

Never one to hold back my opinion,

Prefer conversation

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Presentations are great - but I much prefer conversation/interaction. That's not necessarily easy when you have presentation material to cover - but it can be done. Or just easier - ask what people have questions about at the meeting. The dev->stage->workflow topic isn't necessarily going to do it for me if it's Josh's whole presentation. I hope there's space for other topics as Josh seems to have quite a deep understanding of Drupal as an active native. Just watching you and Josh speak about Drupal 7, the best plugins, cool PHP tricks, would be extremely educational I'm sure.

We will do it ad hoc!

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Thanks for this input Harold, and glad you'll be able to join us. I checked with Josh and we're planning to check-in with the people who show up and tailor the evening to their needs. With your background in Open Space technology, would you be willing to facilitate that process, i.e. creating the conversation on the spot to meet people's needs and interests? For me that would be educational in itself :-)

Will be there - echo excitement

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Dev -> Stage -> Production - definitely relevant.
Specific question: issues with Drupal at root vs Drupal in subdirectory.

p.s. id changed from daisyk a while ago


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I just found the answer to my problem. I currently have drupal at root but want to move it to a subdirectory primarily for housekeeping reasons, including the idea that it would be easier regarding staging and live drupal versions. I have about 10 different sites under multisite and have been able to configure the ones at subdomains but not the ones with subdirectories.
Found this & got it working:

Thanks k8 !

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Great resource. I hadn't thought of Clean URLS for multi-site. Did run into that htacess issue with the subdomain. Thanks for the post.

Drupal Gardens Image Galleries

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Josh showed us the nifty new Drupal Gardens site. I was quite impressed with the image galleries functionality as that is something which I've struggled with on numerous client sites.

I wanted to share a few helpful links which I ran across while trying to track down how the image galleries were created on a Drupal Gardens site.

Enjoy...and let me see what you come up with!

Only local images are allowed.

Really helpful

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Scott, thanks for gathering those links into one place. This is cutting-edge drupal stuff!

Sadly, no video from this event

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Due to an issue with Nathan's camera we were unable to record video at last night's Drupal meetup for the benefit of those who weren't there. Since I think our sessions are valuable, and we've had requests for video, I'm going to look into what it would take to reliably have video taken at each event (probably not counting coffee-clatches). At a minimum this means:

  1. a pool of people who can set up and operate a video camera, so that on any given meeting one of them can be there
  2. access to working camera of suitable quality
  3. provision for backup equipment if primary camera malfunctions.

I'm a bit of a video ignoramus - can anyone add to this? Anyone want to volunteer in this regard?

Don't think we necessarily need professional equipment: my tiny Canon SD960 takes hi-def video (though no external mic) and I could always have that as a backup. (see

Camera backup

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I have a Sony HandyCam but it's pre-1080 glad to offer it and run it but the quality is a bit low. Better than nothing I guess.


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Thanks Christopher. Can you bring it on Thursday to Ruby's if you come?


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WILCO and yes I WILL be there...are you nuts? ;-D