Functional SimpleTest Status - List of all tests

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This list serves as on overview of the current functional testing status. This will help keep track of who is writing tests and what tests are left to be written.

How you can help

We need people to help write tests. If you can program then feel free to write some tests. If you are not into coding you can help with running simpletest_automator and recording tests.


Jimmy Berry (boombatower) is maintaining this list. If you begin work on a test please contact me and I will be happy to update the list. If there is any information that is incorrect please notify me.

If you have any questions please contact me.


We currently have 38 tests taken out of 43 for a test coverage of 88%. This will change when the misnamed tests are merged.

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Module name Status Issue Author(s) Misnamed
aggregator Completed csevb10, kscheirer, poetro
block Completed boombatower, KentBye
blog Completed solotandem
blogapi Completed boombatower
book Completed boombatower
comment Completed boombatower
contact Completed boombatower
dblog Completed solotandem
filter Completed boombatower
forum Completed solotandem
help Completed solotandem
locale Completed chx
menu Completed solotandem
node (node_revisions) Completed cwgordon7 x
node (node_teaser) Completed bevan x
node (page_creation) Completed beeradb x
node (page_view) Completed x
node (story_edit) Completed corniI x
node (story_preview) Completed corniI x
path Completed boombatower
php Completed boombatower
poll Completed chx
profile Completed
search Completed
search (search_match) Completed steven x
statistics Stub + initial test committed vonster
syslog Completed boombatower
system Completed boombatower
system (modules_system) Completed Smartys x
taxonomy Completed
taxonomy (taxonomy.module) Completed x
tracker Pending Review dmitrig01
translation Completed boombatower
trigger (content_actions) Completed cwgordon7 x
update In Progress dmitrig01
upload Completed boombatower
upload (upload_tests) Completed x
user Completed chx

Test State

Below is listed each of the written tests and their current status. This list needs to move towards all passes and reviewed.

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Module name Written Merged Passes Reviewed Issue
aggregator X X X
block X X X
blog X X X
blogapi X X X
book X X X
comment X X X
contact X X X
dblog X
filter X X X
forum X X
help X X
locale X X
menu X X
node X X
path X
php X X X
poll X X
profile X
search X X X X
syslog X X
system X X X
taxonomy X X X X
translation X X X
trigger X X
upload X X X
user X X

Testing and Quality Assurance

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