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Working group for the Drupal Europe 2018 conference

A group to funnel information related to the upcoming Drupal Europe 2018 conference

Join 38
Marketing of Drupal companies

The group’s aim is to gather people who are in charge of marketing processes in Drupal teams. We’re also scheduling the meetup at DrupalCon Vienna.

Join 39
Sports API Drupal 8

Create a sports API for drupal 8

Join 5
South Dakota State University

Drupal Developers and Builders Group at South Dakota State University

Request membership 1
St Matthias Tsonzo Alumni

Former School Mates Coming together to develop the school

Join 2

Group Designed for discussion about hiring in the Drupal universe

Join 6
Drupal CEO network

the Drupal CEO network aims to share frank and honest advice from fellow Drupal CEO's on how to lead your business.

Request membership 8
Business Solution

Drupal for Business Solution

Join 2
Creacion APP

Ayuda para creacion APP

Join 2
Drupal for Internet Existence

Long lasting, widely spread online existence using simple out of box DRUPAL, I already did, What about you?

Join 4
Apprentice League

Learn, Share, Contribute and Collaborate

Request membership 16

Discussion about connecting Drupal and the Ethereum Blockchain

Join 30
Vim users

Conversations around how the different drupal users use vim for developing/editing/take over the world

Join 6
Twelve Step Distribution

Help build an open source distribution for recovery groups

Request membership 2
Drupal El Salvador

Grupo de apoyo y desarrolla a a Drupal en español

Join 2
Indore Drupal Devloper Team

Indore Drupal Devlpoer Group

Request membership 1
Education Module Funding

Identifying and Supporting Modules Important to the Academic Community

Join 15

Discussing topics related to usage of Docker containers to build infrastructure for Drupal

Join 14

Playing with drupal8 and building something awesome!!!

Join 4
Structured Content

A place to discuss the best way to build structured content in Drupal.

Join 92
Microchic's Learning Studio for Site Builders

Further Customizing and Extending Drupal Distributions

Join 3
Jalandhar, India

Web development

Invite only 1

Groupe d'expérimentation des usages

Request membership 1
Small business peer group

Peer support for small Drupal businesses

Request membership 8
Indian Drupal League

Drupal Ninja Group is always ready to help community

Join 4
Drupal Developerz

Drupal Developer group aimed to create next generation scripts

Join 3
Drupal Workshops Dubai

We are working to have more Drupal developers in Dubai and we can spread Drupal everywhere in Dubai.

Request membership 1

The DrupalGov initiative aims to help the public sector deliver on the promise of Open Government using Drupal.

Join 7
Facebook Instant Articles

Working group to integrate Drupal with Facebook Instant Articles

Join 21

An initiative of DrupalCAP to bring Drupal to SICSR university.

Request membership 7
Agilisys Connect

Developers working on Agilisys Connect

Request membership 1

The Drupal Console is a CLI tool to generate boilerplate code, interact and debug Drupal 8. Download

Join 15
Member Drupal Indo

Kumpulan bareng member drupal indo

Join 2
drupal maintenace

Share information about updating a project(s) for drupal community or individuals who need information ahead to updating a drupal website or similar s

Join 4
How-To: Basic Site Designer Tasks for D8

How do I create a xxx in D8? I knew how to do it it D7.

Join 3

Group for staff and students involved in Drupal at Purdue

Request membership 3
Drupal Front End for Offline ERP Software

We are exploring the idea of use of Drupal as a front end data presentation tool for Offline ERP Software Applications Data

Request membership 1
Drupal Débutant

Cette page est dédié à la communauté des débutants en Drupal. Vous trouverez dans ce groupe des sujets de discussions, des conseils et autres...

Request membership 1

Working on the revolutionary new way to create content in Drupal.

Join 8
Drupal 8: tips & issues

A place to discuss all issues about Drupal 8 coding.

Join 4
D8 Core Indian Language Translators Group

Group for people interested in Translating Drupal 8 Core in Indian Languages

Join 58
Safe file system permissions

Spread the knowledge of "Securing file permissions and ownership" for users and hosting providers

Join 3

Working in drupal

Join 2


Join 11
Dari (sub-Persian) translation

A translation group for Dari sub-Persian language.

Invite only 1
Drupal Solutions for Digital Marketing

Share and discuss Drupal Solutions for Digital Marketing

Join 17

Joint forces to promote the use of Docker for Drupal DevOps

Join 39
Doan Tan DBSCL

Doan Tan DBSCL Drupal Group

Join 2
Drupal 8 Korean Users

This group is for sharing knowledge of Drupal 8 among Korean Users.

Join 4
Drupal 8 production sites

We share & discuss about building real-world websites based on Drupal 8 already

Join 301
PHP Jobs

Globarena Technologies is hiring SSE and Team Lead for Hyderabad location

Join 2
Content Editor Experience

Discussions and showcases of how to improve the content editor experience in within Drupal

Join 4

For people who do: irc core mentoring office hours, mentor at sprints, or are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the drupal communit

Join 216
Drupal in Australian cultural institutions (GLAM)

A group to discuss Drupal's role in Australian cultural institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)

Join 5
Little Hackers Education Group

Active group established years ago. Spreading STEAM centered education around cheap Linux based Chromebooks.

Request membership 41

Drupal Group at GIT

Invite only 1
Drupal Marketing and Sales Collateral

Collection of all necessary Marketing and Sales Collateral to help Business sell Drupal based Solutions

Request membership 2

Drupal Community in Kashmir

Join 33
DITA Tech Comm CMS

Drupal as a platform for technical communication sector and tech writers using DITA

Join 58
Highlight Marketing

Here we will discuss about the whats going ON in marketing field

Join 1
Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP)

An initiative to take Drupal to educational institutions

Join 100
Demonstration. XX University

This is a group to demonstrate OG functionality

Invite only 1

Getting off the island with Composer and Packagist

Join 183
Drupal with Dspace

Single Sign On functionality

Request membership 1
Drupal Developers | CYBOSOL

Cybosol Reviewing Thoughts | A Drupal based Company

Join 1
Test group - Invite Only

Test group

Invite only 2
Frontend United

Group for Drupal frontenders

Join 11
Welcome Newbies! Tackle small Issues

For solving small isues lrelated to views,blocks,content type etc.

Join 8
Drupal For Cultural Heritage

Drupal is a powerful framework that can be used in Digital Cultural Heritage

Join 10
Drupal Macedonia

First serious Drupal Group in Macedonia.

Join 8

This is a Drupalists Group

Join 9
Druapal fans from south India

Druapal fans from south India

Join 3
Adgeco Group

Adgeco Group, Holding Company in United Arab Emirates, trace our foundation to 1992 by Mohamed Dekkak (Founder & chairman)

Join 3
Programming Social Networking Communities

A Drupal group for those who are creating and or running Social Networking Communities

Join 9
Headless Drupal

Drupal as a service endpoint for client templating

Join 830
Google Summer of Code

Group for students/mentors/alumni of Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Request membership 349
TMGMT: Translation Management Tools

Manage the Translation Workflow

Join 112

Import API in Drupal core

Join 246
Drupal Governance

Announcements about happenings in the various Governance working groups

Closed 23 2014 roadmap brainstorming

A temporary group for the Software Working Group to gather community input into the 2014 roadmap.

Closed 171
Burning Man

This group is for regional events, theme camps and anyone else using Drupal for their organizing.

Join 59

Fostering BDDinD - Business Driven Development in Drupal

Join 403
Drupal Social Initiative

Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Join 190
Google Summer of Code 2013

Group for everything related to GSoC 2013

Closed 102
Open Drupal - Training

Training materials and knowledge sharing for starting a Drupal career through self-learning, Apprenticeships & Internships.

Join 431

A group that discusses tools and techniques for integrating the awesome Bootstrap framework with Drupal.

Join 347
Data Visualization

A group discussing the use of Drupal as a data visualization platform

Join 152
Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp)

GLADCamp is a DrupalCamp serving the Greater Los Angeles Drupal community.

Join 126
Site Audits

Group for discussing and working on best known practices for site audits and rescue projects.

Join 81

Group dedicated to educate, organize, contribute, disseminate and support the poblanos on everything related to Drupal.

Join 50
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