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Ready to use distribution implementing atomic design principles.

Join 4
OpenDomus Project

Danish distribution aimed at housing cooperatives in Denmark

Join 2

To discuss the goal of thunder and future development

Join 12

For service providers and agencies interested in the Australian Government govCMS program

Request membership 2
Drupal as a Mobile Backend

Drupal can be a great mobile backend platform for building native apps.

Join 5

Are you a Drupal ninja (I hope not)

Join 3
Opigno LMS

Discussions around Opigno LMS -

Request membership 40
Classified Advertising

Drupal based Classified Ads Solution

Join 18
CREAM - Event Management system

Building a event management system for conferences especially Drupalcamps, Drupalcons.

Closed 24

A working group coordinating development of the Panopoly distrobution.

Join 252
OpenCivic distribution

Discussing the OpenCivic distro, designed to support communities of software developers in creating, cataloguing and sharing software applications.

Join 29

A group for discussion about the OpenAid distribution.

Join 70

Developments and conversations related to the ELMS distributions

Join 78
Group for installation profile "Drupal Jobs" (not a job board)

Support group for the Drop Jobs distribution. NOT A JOB BOARD!

Request membership 80

A group for community discussions about using Julio.

Join 53

Dedicated to facilitating SaaS systems using Drupal

Join 131

Mathematics on Drupal

Join 58
Web Experience Management

This distribution assembles modules & other services to help marketers improve and measure the effectiveness of Drupal sites

Join 260
Open Outreach

A working group for users and developers of the Open Outreach Drupal distribution for nonprofits

Join 127
Drupal Commons

Working group for the Drupal Commons Distribution of Drupal for building community websites

Join 356

Support group for people using the NodeStream distribution

Join 109

Proscenium is a Drupal distribution targeting online publishing for the performing arts and entertainment sector.

Join 18

A core install profile for small groups telling the world about their passion.

Join 181
Drupal for CBT or WBT

A working group for implementing drupal for Computer-based training or web based training.

Join 66
Membership / Association Website Building

Tips and Tricks on how to build a professional membership website for association/industry organizations...

Join 245

Community discussions around OpenScholar distribution

Join 285
Drupal for Microfinance

Using drupal in the field of microfinance- MFI

Request membership 31

OpenPublish Community

Join 816
Business Intelligence

Using Drupal as an Enterprise Reporting and BI tool

Join 107
Drupal for Community Supported Agriculture

This group is to discuss using drupal -- reusable components -- to support Community Supported Agriculture

Join 104
Public Media

Facilitating easy implementation and adoption of Drupal in the public media realm

Join 105
Easy to Use CMS for Kids

Create a child friendly release of Drupal to get them interested in working with Content Management Systems

Join 76
Bed and Breakfast (BnB) Distribution

Sharing ideas and best practice advice on using Drupal for Bed & Breakfasts.

Join 53

For users and developers interested in putting Drupal to good use for organized and unorganized workers

Join 49
Community Media

Discussion on Drupal modules for Community Media Centers and Public Access Television Stations.

Join 167
Aegir hosting system

A group to discuss the automated provisioning and maintenance of multisite installations of Drupal using the Aegir hosting system.

Closed 904
Conference Organizing Distribution

Developing a Drupal distribution for organizing (un)conferences

Join 419

From Basecamp to Drupal Summit

Join 35
IMBA Affiliated Drupal Sites

Development of a Drupal distribution for the websites of IMBA Affiliated groups

Join 23

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to run a school alumni website using Drupal

Join 136

Drupal for Healthcare institutes, Hospitals, Health professionals

Join 233
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