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For people who do: irc core mentoring office hours, mentor at sprints, or are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the drupal communit

Join 58

Drupal Community in Kashmir

Join 5
DITA Tech Comm CMS

Drupal as a platform for technical communication sector and tech writers using DITA

Join 26
Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP)

An initiative to take Drupal to educational institutions

Request membership 24

Getting off the island with Composer and Packagist

Join 64
Headless Drupal

Drupal as a service endpoint for client templating

Join 522
Google Summer of Code

Group for students/mentors/alumni of Google Summer of Code (GSoC).

Request membership 198
TMGMT: Translation Management Tools

Manage the Translation Workflow

Join 104

Import API in Drupal core

Join 205
Drupal Governance

Announcements about happenings in the various Governance working groups

Closed 23 2014 roadmap brainstorming

A temporary group for the Software Working Group to gather community input into the 2014 roadmap.

Join 173
Burning Man

This group is for regional events, theme camps and anyone else using Drupal for their organizing.

Join 47

Fostering BDDinD - Business Driven Development in Drupal

Join 317
Drupal Social Initiative

Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Join 131
Google Summer of Code 2013

Group for everything related to GSoC 2013

Closed 102
Open Drupal - Training

Training materials and knowledge sharing for starting a Drupal career through self-learning, Apprenticeships & Internships.

Join 323

A group that discusses tools and techniques for integrating the awesome Bootstrap framework with Drupal.

Join 265

A group discussing the use of Drupal as a data visualization platform

Join 112
Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp)

GLADCamp is a DrupalCamp serving the Greater Los Angeles Drupal community.

Join 118
Site Audits

Group for discussing and working on best known practices for site audits and rescue projects.

Join 60

Group dedicated to educate, organize, contribute, disseminate and support the poblanos on everything related to Drupal.

Join 49
Hospitality Network

Initiative to make more important connections happen and spread ideas when we travel

Join 52

What I'm Drupaling Today

Join 60

This group is for all Montenegro Drupal users and developers.

Request membership 5
Visual Branding of Drupal

For people interested in helping improve the branding of the Drupal project and community.

Join 96

For anyone interested in integrating the Mozilla Popcorn project w/ Drupal

Join 58
Federal Digital Government Strategy

A group discussing best-practices, tips and tools for implementing the Federal Digital Government Strategy using Drupal

Join 101
Drupal Book Authors

A open platform for Drupalers to discuss and contribute on Drupal books and learning materials

Join 21
Higher Education Europe

Drupal for Higher European Education

Join 58
Cornell University

Cornell Universities Drupal discussion group

Join 115
Open Research

Community discussions around the use of the platform for open research.

Join 53

All Chess related (development) discussions

Join 22

Drupal Lovers of Bihar

Join 20
Rajasthan DUG

This is drupal user group rajasthan.

Join 15
Entity Construction Kit (ECK)

Let's discuss where the Entity Construction Kit (ECK) module should go, and how to improve it

Join 21

Portuguese speakers Drupal user group.

Join 44
Date API

A group to discuss the Date API and related modules.

Join 61
Backbone.js Group

A group for discussions related to the planning of and development with the Backbone JavaScript framework and Drupal.

Join 151
Drupal Ladder

Build and maintain Drupal Ladder distro and

Join 291
Mozilla Open Badges for Learning

A working group to define shared requirements and align development efforts around modules related to the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure

Join 37
Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative

Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative

Join 304
Drupal Jobs

For Drupal-specific job postings.

Join 2,493

This group is for anyone who is using Redmine to help manage a team of drupalers and their drupal projects

Join 119
Entity API

All entity API related development discussions, Drupal7 and Drupal 8.

Join 182
Drupal Prometheus

Drupal Prometheus ( ) General Discussion Group

Join 27
Space Advocacy

This group is to help likeminded Drupal Web Developers collaborate to use powerful Drupal to get humanity into space & beyond.

Join 28
Large Scale Drupal (LSD) - Projects and Plans

A group for LSD projects and proposals

Join 429

This is a discussion and working group for anyone interested in implementing mongoDB with Drupal.

Join 152

Welcome to the Kozhikode User Group for Drupal users in or from kozhikode district in kerala state in India

Request membership 7

A general group to discuss all things related to Development Operations. Deployments, Infrastructure, Branching Strategies, Performance, etc.

Join 645
Science on Drupal

Where anyone interested in the sciences can share knowledge and information on how they are using Drupal.

Join 41
jQuery Mobile

The jQuery Mobile group is dedicated to discussions of the Mobile jQuery theme/module and related projects

Join 304

An end-user oriented CRM group that works in parallel with the CRM-API group

Join 248

Drupal For ALL

Join 23

To discuss the creation of common and reusable Puppet configs for Drupal

Join 70
Time Banking

Working group for planning, creating and maintaining time-based alternative currency systems with Drupal

Join 99
CMS Feature Reviews

Screenshots and Reviews of CMS apps. Especially focused on areas where they outshine Drupal.

Join 138
International Drupal Associations

A group for those involved in organising national Drupal associations, whether formal or informal

Join 106
Open App Standard

The Open App Standard aims to provide definitions, technical specifications, and best practices around creating, using and distributing apps in Drupal

Join 286
Display Suite

A group to discuss, read and chatter about the Display Suite module

Join 284
Personal Data Service (PDS)

Using and extending Drupal as a PDS platform to enable individuals to take control of their own data and digital identities.

Join 51

This group was created to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs wanting to build their business with Drupal

Join 279

For discussing Drupal integration with the new Google + Social Networking toolset. Got invites? Need invite? Post here.

Join 506
Drupal Coworking

Discussions and resources about Drupal coworking spaces.

Join 188
Buerger gestalten is an effort to create a software stack for hyperlocal monitoring plattforms.

Join 28

Developers Group of Kerala

Join 49
Drupal 8 Initiatives

Organization and meta-discussion around the Drupal 8 initiatives

Invite only 14
Mobile User Experience & Design

A intiative to design the mobile UX of Drupal.

Join 386
Drupal Books in Libraries

Working to get more Drupal books in your local library.

Join 133
Web Managers/Content Editors

Content editing and web management issues

Join 476
Microsoft Servers

Bridging the gap between Microsoft Server Products and Drupal

Join 141
Diversity and Outreach

To make Drupal a more inclusive community; to share ideas and support for outreach activity; to raise awareness of need for diversity

Join 85
RedHen CRM

Working group for the development of the RedHen CRM module/distribution(s)

Join 235
Prairie Initiative

Prairie Initiative: Redesigning our issue queue and dev process; social architecture project for

Join 227
OpenData Working Group

this group is working on outlining best practices around OpenData directories and how to move forward in building them in drupal.

Join 161
Support Infrastructure

Support infrastructure improvements for

Join 73
Usergroup Münster / Osnabrück

Local Usergroup for the Münsterland, Osnabrücker Land and Ostwestfalenlippe

Join 30
Integrating desktop/browser features/addons/plugins

Desktop programs, browsers & plugins can do a lot these days; let Drupal just help them to do the job?

Join 51

Group for University of Chicago staff, faculty, students, and affiliates to discuss all things Drupal.

Request membership 12
Paying for the plumbing

A group for discussion of creative funding and business models to provide sustainability for developers contributing to Drupal

Join 124
Pentaho Drupal Integration

Technical discussion ground for uniting two big opensource major - Drupal and Pentaho

Join 58
Organic groups

Organic groups development

Join 438
Google Summer of Code 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011

Join 265
Omega Framework

Group dedicated to development & theming with the Omega theme, Delta module, and related projects

Join 946

Drupal/node.js integration

Join 277
Migrating from Joomla

A group for those who used to use Joomla and now want to try Drupal.

Request membership 4
3rd Party Integration -- Eve Online

A meeting place for devs looking to integrate Eve Online with Drupal.

Join 13
Tomcat and other Java containers

Discussions related to installing, configuring, and optimizing Drupal on Java servlet containers.

Join 43

Bitcoin and Drupal integration

Join 75
Advanced Data-Driven Applications

A group to discuss challenges, advantages, tips, and techniques for using Drupal in the development of complex, data-driven applications

Request membership 24
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