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Drupalcamps Europe [international & english]

a group for coordination international (english spoken) camps in europe

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Drupal Art

Group for anything that has "Drupal Art" under the sun.

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Data Mining

Analyzing data about Drupal for insight and growth

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SoC 2007

If you are interested in Summer of Code, either as a student, a mentor or someone else, join this group.

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Paying for the plumbing

A group for discussion of creative funding and business models to provide sustainability for developers contributing to Drupal

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Place to plan Drupal code sprints

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Oklahoma Drupalers

The goal of the group is to combine experince and ideas within the state

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Open Outreach

A working group for users and developers of the Open Outreach Drupal distribution for nonprofits

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West Midlands UK

Covering the West Midlands, including the cities of: Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton (among others).

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Science Applications

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and other uses for Drupal in science.

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IRC matters

Join 126

Group for bulgarian users and developers

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Drupal group for people in Venezuela

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User group based out of Boise, Idaho

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Discussion, Collaboration, and Planning for Ajax.module

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a group for people using Drupal to host Indymedia sites to discuss ideas and share code.

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Google Code-In

Working group for the Google Code-in contest

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Object Oriented Programming and design

Discussing OOP in Drupal

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Intranet Sites

Usage and Deployment of Drupal as the main intranet site.

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Working/distribution group to discuss how best to run a school alumni website using Drupal

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Object Embedding (Flash)

This group is focussed on Object Embedding. Integration with 3rd party Flash Tools. Embedding displays from You Tube and Flickr. ActiveX anyone?

Join 131
Las Vegas, Nevada

For all those placing bets on Drupal.

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DrupalCon Paris 2009

A French/English group to facilitate the organization of DrupalCon Europe 2009 in Paris

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User Points

Planning, development and discussion on the User Points and User Points contributed modules.

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Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Cleveland & Northeast Ohio Drupal User Group

Join 131

Working/distribution group to discuss how best to integrate genealogy and media albums/galleries into the Drupal platform

Join 131

The nascent Drupal community in Africa.

Join 133
Arizona State University

For anyone interested in Drupal at ASU or the surrounding area. Tempe, Arizona

Closed 133
Drupal Books in Libraries

Working to get more Drupal books in your local library.

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Thailand Drupal Users

Join 133

A place for young drupallers to meet each other.

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Knowledge sharing developers

How to enhance Knowledge sharing via Drupal

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DrupalCamp & DrupalCon Germany

Planning group for community-building events in Germany

Join 134
Drupal Social Initiative

Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Join 134

Greek group for sharing advice & thoughts about Drupal

Join 135
Drupalcamp Spain

Group devoted to organize the drupalcamps in Spain

Join 136

An open group of Drupal users in the state of Vermont

Join 136

The hub for San Francisco Bay Area Drupal Camps

Join 136
Comunidad Drupal en Guatemala

Users of Drupal in Guatemala

Join 137

The Indonesian Drupal Users Group.

Join 138
South Carolina

Drupal Users and Developers of all Levels in and around South Carolina.

Join 138
South West England

A Drupal group for users in South West England

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CMS Feature Reviews

Screenshots and Reviews of CMS apps. Especially focused on areas where they outshine Drupal.

Join 138

A Group of Pakistani Drupalers.

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Southern Colorado (SCUG)

Facilitating the communication and meetings of southern Colorado Drupal users.

Join 139

LMS scorm integration

Join 139
Microsoft Servers

Bridging the gap between Microsoft Server Products and Drupal

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Long Island

Long Island New York User Group

Join 141
Pacific NW Drupal Summits

This group helps PNWDS attendees communicate directly with each other

Join 142

A German group for all users from the area around Frankfurt/Germany.

Join 143

using Drupal for museums

Join 143
Nashville, Tennessee

Drupal fans grouping regionally.

Join 144
Open Learning and Collaboration Portal

Working group for the development of an Open Learning and Collaboration Portal and subsequent installation profile.

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Drupal for K-12 Schools

A group to discuss Drupal as a website platform in pre-college school settings.

Join 144

OpenSocial development initialtive

Join 145
Buenos Aires

Grupo de usuarios de Drupal de Buenos Aires, Argentina - Hogar del DrupalDojoBaires

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North County San Diego DUG

The North County San Diego Drupal community group from Oceanside, CA to Del Mar, CA.

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San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Drupal Community, including the surrouding South Texas areas.

Join 147
Ruby (on rails) for Drupal

What Drupal can learn from RoR, and why RoR not the evil competitor. And off course how we can use Ruby to make Drupal Better.

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Kolkata (Calcutta)

Group for Drupal Users, Designers and Developers in and around Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), India.

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For Drupal Lovers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Drupal user group for Calgary Alberta Canada

Join 150

Drupal for BioInformatics Software and Institutions

Join 151

CAPTCHA related interest group.

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Backbone.js Group

A group for discussions related to the planning of and development with the Backbone JavaScript framework and Drupal.

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Group for Drupal Users in the State of Kerala, India.

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This is a discussion and working group for anyone interested in implementing mongoDB with Drupal.

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World of Warcraft guild website modules

Modules specifically designed to assist in managing a World of Warcraft guild on Drupal

Join 153

Integrating Drupal and XMPP

Join 156
Google Summer of Code 2012

Google Summer of Code 2012

Join 156
Willamette Valley / Western Oregon

A user group for the WIllamette Valley, Oregon

Join 157

Transform Data into Information. Charts are a very good way to highlight important information.

Join 160
Rhode Island

Drupal users and developers in and around Providence, Rhode Island

Join 161
OpenData Working Group

this group is working on outlining best practices around OpenData directories and how to move forward in building them in drupal.

Join 161

Gathering point for Norwegian developers and designers.

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Santa Cruz

A group for Drupal nerds, newbies and ninjas in and around Santa Cruz, California.

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Drupal Newsletter

A group to help organize and write the monthly Drupal Newsletter

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Seville(spain) Developer community - Comunidad de desarrolladores de Drupal en Sevilla (España)

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Drupal Patterns Module discussion and collaboration on patterns that you are working on

Join 163
Community Media

Discussion on Drupal modules for Community Media Centers and Public Access Television Stations.

Join 163

Minnesota's Own Drupal Community

Join 164
Peer Review

A group for website developers, themers, designers to get feedback on modules, themes, projects

Join 165
Building ERP and BI platforms in Drupal

Here we discuss what is still needed for and how to build Enterprise resource planning and Business intelligence systems in Drupal

Join 166
Drupal Developer Groups in Malaysia

Malaysia boleh! Let's make this awesome CMS really work ...

Join 166

Ukraine Drupal Users Group

Join 166

Dating Sites using Drupal

Join 167
Graphing & SVG

Using Drupal to generate visual representations of data.

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Hamburg / Schleswig-Holstein

Drupal User-Group für Norddeutschland

Join 170
Travel Industry

This group is for all people who are involved with Drupal sites serving the Travel and Hospitality industries (Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Cruise)

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Drupal Sports & League Management

Discussions about running a website focused on providing services to sports clubs and leagues.

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