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The Danish Drupal Users Group

Join 244
Denver / Boulder Colorado (DBUG)

Drupal User Group for Colorado (USA), especially Denver, Boulder and the greater Front Range area.

Join 989
Deployment & Build Systems & Change Management

Discussion and implementation of deployment, change management and build management strategies for Drupal 8

Join 593
Design 4 Drupal

A group for designers and themers.

Join 1,411
Designers and Information Architects

A group for Drupal users to discuss the design of Drupal powered sites

Join 627

This is the Metro Detroit, Michigan USA Users Group

Join 200
Development announcements

If you are a Drupal developer you want to read this.

Invite only 1

Integrating Drupal with microcontrollers, home automation, and similar computing miscilania

Join 73

A general group to discuss all things related to Development Operations. Deployments, Infrastructure, Branching Strategies, Performance, etc.

Join 646

Integrate Drupal with Discuz related products.

Join 13
Display Suite

A group to discuss, read and chatter about the Display Suite module

Join 285
Distribution profiles

Strategic cooperative for people to coordinate around creating installation profiles and to compare notes and discuss best practices.

Join 578
DITA Tech Comm CMS

Drupal as a platform for technical communication sector and tech writers using DITA

Join 26
Diversity and Outreach

To make Drupal a more inclusive community; to share ideas and support for outreach activity; to raise awareness of need for diversity

Join 85
Document Management

Information/collaboration for those interested in using Drupal for document storage.

Join 319

News and discussions about Drupal documentation

Join 465

A Drupal Group based in Japan that translates documentation into Japanese.

Join 18
Dominican Republic

Group for Drupal users in the Dominican Republic. Grupo de usuarios de Drupal en la República Dominicana

Join 28

Drupal local group of users in Donetsk, Ukraine

Join 53

Drupal user group for Dongguan, China

Join 28

A German group for all users from the area around Dresden/Germany.

Join 13
Drigg developers group

The group joined by people developing Drigg and connected modules.

Join 19

Drupal Rockin' Open Participation (aka Drupal Rockin' 'Ouse of Pancakes) ;)

Join 77

Drupal development and implementation on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux operating system

Join 382
DruForum - Drupal & netFORUM Integration

A co-operative organization for the development needed to integrate with netForum

Request membership 30

Drupal For ALL

Join 23
Drupal & SAP Business One

Group for users of SAP Business One & Drupal / Ubercart

Join 72
Drupal 8 Initiatives

Organization and meta-discussion around the Drupal 8 initiatives

Invite only 14
Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative

Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere Initiative

Join 304
Drupal Aceh

The Aceh Drupal Users Group

Request membership 5
Drupal Against Poverty

A working group to create and maintain charity platform modules.

Join 51
Drupal And Git

Follow the lead of, and upgrade your own processes to Git

Join 355
Drupal Art

Group for anything that has "Drupal Art" under the sun.

Join 122
Drupal Association

Group for Discussion of the Drupal Association

Join 322
Drupal Book Authors

A open platform for Drupalers to discuss and contribute on Drupal books and learning materials

Join 21
Drupal Books in Libraries

Working to get more Drupal books in your local library.

Join 133
Drupal California

Drupal California is working group for Drupal users, organizers, service providers and evangelists in the State of California

Join 284
Drupal Camp India

A group of volunteers that plans and organizes Drupal Camps in India

Join 180
Drupal Camp North West (UK)

Coming to Manchester in November 2012

Join 79
Drupal Camp Seattle

Come join us at Drupal Camp Seattle, June 27th and 28th

Join 169
Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP)

An initiative to take Drupal to educational institutions

Request membership 24
Drupal Churches Home

Using Drupal to build church web sites.

Join 711
Drupal Coimbatore

Drupal Group for Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

Join 64
Drupal Commerce

The home for drupal related Commerce

Join 580
Drupal Commons

Working group for the Drupal Commons Distribution of Drupal for building community websites

Join 352
Drupal Coworking

Discussions and resources about Drupal coworking spaces.

Join 188
Drupal Design Camp LA

Planning group for current and upcoming Drupal Design Camp LA (DDCLA) events, a design, theming and usability DrupalCamp in Los Angeles, California.

Join 68
Drupal Developer Groups in Malaysia

Malaysia boleh! Let's make this awesome CMS really work ...

Join 165
Drupal Dojo

A group for apprentice/journeyman developers who want to increase proficiency, and for experts looking to grow the pool of Drupal talent.

Join 3,205
Drupal Estonia

The Drupal community of Estonia

Join 92
Drupal Event Organization

Gathering group for all Drupal event (camps, conferences, user group meetings) organizers

Join 644
Drupal Fit

A group for people who are interested in fitness-related discussions and activities at conferences, in their local Drupal user groups.

Join 198
Drupal for CBT or WBT

A working group for implementing drupal for Computer-based training or web based training.

Join 67
Drupal for Community Supported Agriculture

This group is to discuss using drupal -- reusable components -- to support Community Supported Agriculture

Join 101
Drupal for Evil

Using Drupal for evil, world dominating, nefarious purposes.

Join 286
Drupal for Good

Group for those using Drupal in the nonprofit world

Join 906
Drupal for K-12 Schools

A group to discuss Drupal as a website platform in pre-college school settings.

Join 141
Drupal For Law Enforcment

A group to address the unique needs and uses of drupal for law enforcement agencies.

Join 28
Drupal for Microfinance

Using drupal in the field of microfinance- MFI

Request membership 31
Drupal for OLPC

Drupal for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Join 54
Drupal Gdansk

Gdańska grupa zrzeszająca wielbicieli Drupala

Join 46
Drupal Governance

Announcements about happenings in the various Governance working groups

Closed 23
Drupal Hawks

Eastern Iowa User Group

Request membership 70
Drupal IDE

A working group discussing developement enviroments for Drupal developers.

Join 505
Drupal in Education

A space to work on building and maintaining a Drupal distribution for Education

Join 1,825
Drupal in Higher Education

A place to discuss Drupal in Higher Education

Join 656
Drupal Jeddah

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based drupal groups

Request membership 10
Drupal Jobs

For Drupal-specific job postings.

Join 2,493
Drupal Kata

Working group for a new project learning program styled after the popular Google and Knight initiatives.

Join 103
Drupal Kent UK

A monthly meetup group for those afflicted with the Drupal in Kent UK

Join 18
Drupal Ladder

Build and maintain Drupal Ladder distro and

Join 291
Drupal LTS

Find, discuss and organize strategies for a Drupal Long Term Support

Join 114
Drupal Nebraska Group

Drupal Developers and Users in Nebraska

Join 106
Drupal Newsletter

A group to help organize and write the monthly Drupal Newsletter

Join 162
Drupal Nordics

Event planning group for a big Drupal event organized in co-operation between Nordic countries

Join 52
Drupal Object Model

A think tank group for creating a Drupal object model.

Join 40
Drupal on Windows

Working group discussing best practices for Drupal development and deployment on Microsoft Windows.

Join 254
Drupal Persian

Drupal's Persian/Iranian Users

Join 97
Drupal PHP Extension

Creating a PHP Extension module implementing all Drupal core functions

Join 85
Drupal Products

Best practices to use Drupal for products and software as a service.

Join 71
Drupal Prometheus

Drupal Prometheus ( ) General Discussion Group

Join 27
Drupal Rainbow

A group for gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer/intersex Drupalistas

Join 210
Drupal Sao Paulo

Grupo de Usuarios de Drupal do Brasil

Join 15
Drupal Scotland

A group dedicated to bringing together Drupal users in Scotland

Join 280
Drupal SGF

A local users group for the Southwest Missouri area.

Join 27
Drupal Slovenia

Drupal users and developers in Slovenia.

Join 82
Drupal Social Initiative

Working group to harmonise Social Networking functionality in Drupal

Join 131
Drupal Sports & League Management

Discussions about running a website focused on providing services to sports clubs and leagues.

Join 171
Drupal Türkiye

Türkiye'deki Drupalcıların buluşma adresi

Request membership 469
Drupal User Group (Davao)

Drupal User Group Davao

Join 18
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